Yesterday I got an email from Tom Biro, who not only is the Gandalf-type figure at AdJab but also runs TheMediaDrop, inviting to me join his LinkedIn network. I seemed to remember hearing about the site at some point but had never explored it further. Well thanks to Tom I started playing around in the system and discovered it can be quite useful resource.

What LinkedIn provides is a way for you to share you network of contacts and resources with other people within that network. So now I can view the profiles, work histories and interests of those people within Tom’s network.  It also allows you to post areas you might be looking for work in, be it full-time or freelance.  So if I’m, say, a reporter and am looking for an expert in movie marketing then I can search for those keywords and find someone to comment on a story I can use this resource to find such a person.

The potential for use in public relations is great since reporters are always looking for sources of information. By creating a profile and a network along with that you can put your name in front of thousands of people.  Not only are you promoting yourself but with a viewable resume and such you can actually back that up.Â

From a more practical standpoint if you’re looking for work being a part of this system can do wonders.  A company in the market for a new employee in X field can look in LinkedIn for people matching their criteria, view their resume, see if they’re currently looking for work and decide on their own if they should contact the person. Imagine being a freelance writer and knowing that your resume could be viewed by a publication looking for someone covering your exact field.Â

I’ve just begun creating my network (and my profile so if you search for me don’t judge by what’s there right now), which includes a grand total of four people at this point.  Thanks to Tom for pointing out this great resource and I’m sure my network will build.