The Magic of Cubs Twitter

My latest on Voce Nation: Full squad workouts began last week in Mesa, AZ, as Chicago’s National League Ball Club – the Cubs, in case…

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Opening Day 2014 The Cubs take the field in Pittsburgh today for the first game of 2014. While the 2013 season largely eluded me I'm excited about…

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Because what baseball needs is to be slower

What a terrible, terrible idea. In an unprecedented expansion of its own video replay program, Major League Baseball is giving team managers authority to challenge…

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Classy Maddux

I know the popular point of view on this is that it's a slight to the Cubs, who it goes can't even catch a break…

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Meet Clark…you’ll find him on Addison

So yeah... The Cubs have an official mascot. His name is Clark, and he'll make his debut Monday during a visit to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical…

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Maddux goes to the Hall

Congratulations to one of the, by all accounts, nicest guys in professional sports. Always a class act on the field, obviously a mentor to younger…

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Mixed day in Chicago sports

Ugh? Yay? A little of both?

Wait ’til 2015?

Rosenbloom on the Cubs as they stand with just a handful of games left in 2012: The current bunch died at the trading deadline. After…

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Yeah, that really happened

The most disturbing thing I've read on the internet today: Harrelson is in his 28th season as a Sox broadcaster, serving since 1982 except for…

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He’s right: A pig with a saddle on it *would* be awesome

Chicago vs. Chicago: Round 2 - YouTube.