The Cubs Go Exclusive

It’s a rough time to be a fan of the Chicago Cubs, which is an odd sentence to write less than three years after the team famously won their first World Series title in over a century. Back in the 1980s, before lights were added to Wrigley Field, all Cubs home games were broadcast on … Continue reading The Cubs Go Exclusive

The Magic of Cubs Twitter

My latest on Voce Nation: Full squad workouts began last week in Mesa, AZ, as Chicago’s National League Ball Club – the Cubs, in case you’re unfamiliar – begin Spring Training along with the rest of the league. And it looks like they’re already in midseason form.To be clear, I’m talking about the @Cubs Twitter … Continue reading The Magic of Cubs Twitter

Opening Day 2014 The Cubs take the field in Pittsburgh today for the first game of 2014. While the 2013 season largely eluded me I'm excited about the start of a new one, maybe because this winter was so mind-crushingly oppressive. But the fact remains that so many of the games this season, as they have been … Continue reading Opening Day 2014

Because what baseball needs is to be slower

What a terrible, terrible idea. In an unprecedented expansion of its own video replay program, Major League Baseball is giving team managers authority to challenge on-field rulings by sending them to officials outside the stadium. Plays will be reviewed at baseball's new Replay Command Center, located at Major League Baseball's Advanced Media offices in New … Continue reading Because what baseball needs is to be slower

Classy Maddux

I know the popular point of view on this is that it's a slight to the Cubs, who it goes can't even catch a break here, but I'm interpreting it as Maddux continuing to be a real class act who didn't want to slight either of the teams that were so important to his career. … Continue reading Classy Maddux

Meet Clark…you’ll find him on Addison

So yeah... The Cubs have an official mascot. His name is Clark, and he'll make his debut Monday during a visit to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center’s Pediatric Developmental Center. via The Cubs have a new official mascot: Clark the Cub. - I was originally going to say something snarky and mean about this, but … Continue reading Meet Clark…you’ll find him on Addison

Maddux goes to the Hall

Congratulations to one of the, by all accounts, nicest guys in professional sports. Always a class act on the field, obviously a mentor to younger players of all kinds and just a great pitcher. Too bad his career was sullied by so much time spent in Atlanta. 🙂 Maddux broke into the majors with the … Continue reading Maddux goes to the Hall

Mixed day in Chicago sports

Ugh? Yay? A little of both?

Wait ’til 2015?

Rosenbloom on the Cubs as they stand with just a handful of games left in 2012: The current bunch died at the trading deadline. After going 19-10 in July -- I believe Cooperstown asked for that calendar page -- the Cubs have gone 4-18 in their last 22. They’ve hit a robust .213 in that … Continue reading Wait ’til 2015?

Yeah, that really happened

The most disturbing thing I've read on the internet today: Harrelson is in his 28th season as a Sox broadcaster, serving since 1982 except for 1986 when he was the team’s general manager. via Hawk Harrelson gets an earful from Bud Selig for tirade - Chicago Sun-Times. <shudder>