More on Karina’s Liz Claiborne campaign

As a quick follow-up to my earlier post on Karina appearing in an ad campaign for Liz Claiborne, the campaign’s launch got a write-up in The New York Times the other day. Karina doesn’t get name-dropped, an obvious huge editorial oversight, but does appear in the picture attached to the article.

Self-Help Blockbusters: Let’s Get Rich, People!

(The following was written by Adam Forrest, SkyPilot on Spout, who works on the Marketing and Publishing team. – CT) He’s Just Not That Into You may look like just another romantic comedy based on a book, but it’s a different animal altogether. Let’s ride on its coattails and build a list of potential Self-Help…… Continue reading Self-Help Blockbusters: Let’s Get Rich, People!

Win Being There, Pride & Glory, The Sidney Poitier Collection or Any Given Sunday!

Spout has a whole stack of DVDs that we’re raring to send out to some lucky winners today. Here’s what’s stacked up on our desk: Being There, the comedy classic starring Peter Sellers as a simple gardener mistaken for a high-society intellectual. If you’ve never seen it you’re missing out on one of the all-time…… Continue reading Win Being There, Pride & Glory, The Sidney Poitier Collection or Any Given Sunday!

What’s Buzzing: The Spout Community 1/23/09

As Christi said, better late than never: Lists- Doc, You Meant Airy? (299) Puppets (53) Cinnamon Tography (73) Saw the Film First but Still Need to Read the Book (3) Discussions- Top Trailers of 2008 Latest unknown fave Predictions and Commentary, 2009 Please Explain to Me Why Slumdog Millionaire Does Not Suck

Win Che swag from FilmCouch

Paul and Kevin have got a great contest running through Spout’s FilmCouch podcast that couldn’t be easier to enter: Just send filmcouch-@-spout-.-com an email with the best product you’ve ever seen the face of revolutionary Che Guevara on. The iconic figure’s face has been plastered on countless items so surely you’ve come across – or…… Continue reading Win Che swag from FilmCouch