LOTD: 7/15/08

Both Jesper Andersen and Farhad Manjoo – the latter in his first column at Slate – engage in the Internet’s favorite pasttime, the questioning of the accuracy of Chris Anderson’s “Long Tail” notion. Jeremiah Owyang rightly points out that not every company needs to be part of the online conversation. It all depends on the…… Continue reading LOTD: 7/15/08

LOTD: 7/9/08

Chris O’Brien at PBS’ Idea Lab blog takes us through the process of inventing a Second Life presence from scratch, including acclimating an entire team to just what being in a virtual world means to begin with. If you’re a talented photographer looking to get some additional exposure, that could come in the form of…… Continue reading LOTD: 7/9/08

LOTD: 7/2/08

Both Greg Verdino and David Berkowitz are quoted in this MediaPost article on how social media marketing efforts have the potential to significantly drive down media spending. Since these efforts cost less than traditional media programs – and we’re including everything from straight ad buys to outreach here – and they begin to move to…… Continue reading LOTD: 7/2/08

LOTD: 6/23/08

Adweek’s Alan Wolk posted a great item about how brands can be “relevant” to people within the social networking world, and effectively asks the question whether non “rock star” brands can have success there. [via Ian Schafer on Twitter] (TB) You might have noticed that Gary Vaynerchuk’s consistently-awesome Wine Library TV has a new home,…… Continue reading LOTD: 6/23/08

LOTD: 6/12/08

Josh Hallett has what might be the strongest response to Tom Foremski’s legitimate issue about social media PR folks who aren’t themselves blogging or otherwise interacting with others, saying it’s really the work that matters. While we all might not be able to talk about specific programs that have been run like some people are…… Continue reading LOTD: 6/12/08

LOTD: 5/20/08

Sybase says that it’ll have “corporate class email support for the iPhone” maybe as early as this year, according to Macworld UK (TB) The WSJ’s Peter Sanders writes about news that Disney is set to close down its Virtual Magic Kingdom, and the challenges it is facing from its fans. (TB)

LOTD: 5/2/08

Andy Beal dives into a look at the dark side of online reputation management. I’m most struck by the fact the statement that most companies just want to sweep problems under Google’s rug and not actually address the issues that are leading to negative posts, which strikes me as wrong on at least five levels…… Continue reading LOTD: 5/2/08

LOTD: 4/28/08

Over on Twitter, MarketingProfs point out a great item from Mack Collier, who suggests that we’re all becoming extroverts. And by all, he means, people well beyond the “usual suspects” in the Web 2.0 space. (TB) Between this mention on Twitter from Constantin Basturea regarding “complaints” on FOX’s “Family Guy” and Doyle Redland’s rant on…… Continue reading LOTD: 4/28/08

LOTD: 4/16/08

Wired is working on a journalistic stylebook that’s specific to online writing, focusing on things like best linking practices and web-specific terminology. Seems like a great idea that’s long overdue. (CT)The Wall Street Journal gives a “Blog Relations 101” lesson to its readers, but also includes a mention of Twitter, which is where it probably…… Continue reading LOTD: 4/16/08