“And you know what, I’m trying really really really hard to cut back on the number of times I try heroin … a day.”

Before I get into things, let me just say that the comments and emails I’ve gotten telling me how much people enjoy MMM have meant a lot to me. They’ve been very encouraging and have played a large part in my thought process about the future of this site.

Now as to that future, here’s where I’ve landed after thinking it over for a week or so:

I love writing Movie Marketing Madness. But the realities of a full time job, a full time family and all the other things I’ve committed myself to means I’m not able to devote the daily time to it that I really want to, at least not if I intend to compete against other sites that are quicker to “news” items than I can realistically be. Here’s the thing, though: I have little to no desire to actually engage in that competition. It’s not all that exciting a prospect to me and I have no intention of bringing on other writers as – and I fully admit this is an ego thing – I prefer to keep MMM to myself. Everything here is from me, not a staff, and I like that positioning.

So here’s how things are going to move from here: I will continue to write my full Movie Marketing Madness campaign review columns as well as the occasional longer piece, whether it’s on something that just occurs to me or some bit of industry trending or whatever. But I think I’m pretty much done with trying to cover every new trailer and poster release, instead devoting my resources to making sure I have everything I need to eventually cover X movie’s campaign in a long column the week it comes out.

I’m also going to be spending a bit of time making sure the house is in good order, so to speak. That will include making sure all my FilmThreat, Brandweek, iMedia and other writings are archived here so that MMM is as complete and accurate a record as I can make it. It also means I’m going to spend some time categorizing everything from the days MMM was on Blogger so that if you’re looking for everything I’ve written about Dreamworks, for example, you can find it easily. I’ve begun this process, appropriately, at the beginning, with Movie Marketing Madness: Shrek 2, the post of which is dated the same day it first appeared on FilmThreat.

All of this happens as we hit and approach two milestones in the life of Movie Marketing Madness. The first one is actually today. MMM: Shrek 2 was published on May 21, 2004, four years ago today. So it’s a good way to celebrate that occasion.

The second will happen later on today (or tomorrow, depending on scheduling) when I publish my MMM column reviewing the campaign for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. That column will be #200, which is kind of amazing.

So again, thank you to everyone who dropped me a line and encouraged me to continue on. I hope that by changing around the format and thinking behind this site of mine I can provide more quality to the conversation instead of just churning out quantity, playing a game I can’t really win.


5 thoughts on ““And you know what, I’m trying really really really hard to cut back on the number of times I try heroin … a day.”

  1. First off, as a fan, I just want to say thank you so much for dedicating your time and energy to maintaining this site, and to how thorough you are with your coverage. I am extremely happy that you can continue to do so. But, I also think your decision to only cover overall campaigns is the right one. I’m someone who checks multiple film blogs and sites hourly for all the latest in film advertising and news, and there are already plenty of other sites that update trailers and posters. But you do something unique, and you do it very well. Your analysis of a film’s overall marketing campaign is the reason I come to this site, and the reason I have referred many others to it as well. Thank you, and on behalf of everyone on this site, you are appreciated.

  2. Hi Chris – welcome back! Glad to hear that MMM will still be a part of your (and our) life. I think the new format is a smart decision because most of us read MMM to take in your original thoughts and analysis. I wouldn’t even say that skipping daily trailer and asset coverage is a compromise for your site in any way. Thank you for the update – looking forward to the new, improved and focused MMM. Hope it all works out for you too!

  3. Chris, just wanted to say a big thanks for the work and insight your devotion has given the marketing community. You’ve done well in that you’ve got a solid brand that could be easily built into a business. That being said, I can’t imagine being able to put together a quality product such as this AND maintain a full time day-job and family. So hats off to you.

    In the meantime, I totally understand your desire to keep this as your baby, but just know that if you ever needed to, I think this site could fetch a shiny penny or two from a few of the headline publications in town.

  4. Hi Chris,

    I totally agree with the previous comment! Really glad you decided to continue with this website. Like I said, you’ve been ‘buzzed’ around in the Netherlands amongst Warner Home Video, I know several people there who read this site. So you’re readings reach people who get to decide about the marketing of movies 🙂



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