• Film Journal has an interesting feature up on the business behind creating movie trailers.
  • The Secret Wars Reenactment Society is hilarious.
  • More YouTube fun with this video that recuts “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” clips so it looks like the show is a wacky, “Friends”-like sitcom. (HT to bro-in-law)
  • Jeffrey Wells gets into the industry mindset that’s actually driving the new policy of not screening even the biggest of films for reviewers and journalists. Jeff knows what he’s talking about.
  • Interesting story about the movie Coming Attractions.
  • Brandon Routh as Superman appears in a new “got milk?” ad as part of the overall push for Superman Returns.
  • Focus groups are really important.
  • Mack-Daddy C adds a bit more to the earlier conversation about engaging bloggers to create buzz for a new movie. He also has a fantastic post about women rockers who use MySpace as part of their marketing efforts. That’s a definite must-read.

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