After doing some thinking about priorities, time available and generally what I want to be spending my time on I’ve decided to, for all intents and purposes, mothball and shut down Movie Marketing Madness. Sometime in March will simply cease to be (a stark reminder of how transient web content truly is) and I will more or less be closing the book on writing material that would have been published there.

The material I’ve published over the course of the almost eight year existence of MMM will be archived here at CT.WP for posterity’s sake. This is both because I didn’t want to let it completely disappear and because it nicely achieves the goal of consolidating more of what I’ve written online into one handy place, something that appeals to my organizational tendencies.

Over the course of the last few months my schedule has been simply too busy to keep up with MMM as I thought I wanted to. Between the every day responsibilities of a job that I absolutely love, the fact that I was unwilling to sacrifice time on the weekends that would otherwise be spent with my family to write for it, a busy travel schedule that took big chunks of time out and more, MMM was getting back-burnered more often than not. And I slowly came to realize that not only was trying to publish there starting to feel very much like a job but that it wasn’t even that fun of a job anymore. So I’ve made the decision to essentially kill it as an ongoing effort.

That means this site will, combined with Voce Nation, become my main online writing outlet. So look for more here and there as I take the opportunity to reboot the system and make some changes to how things go down in the new year.

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  1. Dear Chris

    Just thought I’d write to say thank you for Movie Marketing Madness. I happened upon the site by accident years ago and docked in from time to time to read your posts. Over time I have become increasingly interested in the way transmedia story telling has evolved in cinema and last year I decided it was time to start my PhD.

    For the last year MMM has provided an invaluable resource for my studies which I shall miss very much.Interestingly, one of the papers which I am working on now will take an archaeological perspective on the history of film web sites and considers questions about archive and preservation. The sad end of such an invaluable resource as MMM supports my argument that these digital artefacts and the secondary commentary surrounding them is prone to disappear before any critical discourse reflecting on them has had time to establish itself.

    Did you say the archive will be preserved for the time being at CT.WP?

    Please let this be the case!

    Also, are you aware of anybody else /or any other commentary / journalism in this field doing what you did?

    I would be interested in talking to you next time I am over in the states, if that were possible too.

    Anyway, enough of me, best of luck for all your future endeavors and as I said
    at the start, thank you.

    Kim Louise

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