More soon

I was planning on writing a new MMM column today but have decided to suspend those efforts in order to focus on the financial crisis. </snark> Actually I’m here in Orlando for, natch, BlogOrlando and am going to be out and about. Today is a think-tank day for those leading sessions at the dont-call-it-a-conference. Tomorrow’s…… Continue reading More soon

BlogOrlando details emerge

If you’re into self-destructive behavior you can read the description of my session in the PR/Marketing track at BlogOrlando which is coming up in just a couple weeks. Or you can read the desciptions of Jake McKee’s, Phil Gomes’ or Joe Thornley’s that are also up. And that’s just in that PR/Marketing track. The Technical,…… Continue reading BlogOrlando details emerge

Make sure you buy your FastPass early

Josh has announced the dates for this year’s BlogOrlando: September 25th – 27th. Registration will be happening soon. Having attended last year’s version this is one I’m looking forward to quite a bit, especially since this year Josh says there’s some even cooler stuff going on down there. Reconnecting with the people I saw last…… Continue reading Make sure you buy your FastPass early

Smart people + Good conversation = BlogOrlando 2007

There’s so much to say about BlogOrlando that it’s kind of impossible to sum it up even in an extended blog post. The event was an absolute blast, presenting me the opportunity to finally meet some of the people I’ve gotten to know online over the last couple years for the first time, meet some…… Continue reading Smart people + Good conversation = BlogOrlando 2007

BlogOrlando notes write-up

I finally got around to expanding and formatting my notes from the sessions I attended at BlogOrlando and they’re now up over at OpentheDialogue (my work blog, for those who don’t know). I think it was an absolutely great event that cemented my belief that for as valuable as social network connections, emails, links, comments…… Continue reading BlogOrlando notes write-up

Photos from BlogOrlando

Yesterday I finally got around to uploading my photos from BlogOrlando, both the event itself and the previous day’s tour of Kennedy Space Center, to Flickr and you can now view my BlogOrlando2007 photo set. I met a lot of great people, most of whom I snapped pictures of. Constantin Basturea and Joseph Thornley. John…… Continue reading Photos from BlogOrlando

BlogOrlando is underway!

Tom and I are both well into the day here at BlogOrlando, the fantastic conference that’s been organized by Josh Hallett. So far this morning we’ve gotten Josh’s introduction and a keynote from Shel Israel before breaking off into the different tracks. Tom led the first session in the PR/Comm track talking about his love…… Continue reading BlogOrlando is underway!

Off to Orlando

So I’ve got one more Quick Takes post queued up for later tonight and then will be off to BlogOrlando for the next couple of days. That means posting will be even lighter than it has been recently. I’ll likely be doing some event-blogging both here and at my work blog, OpenTheDialogue, from the shindig,…… Continue reading Off to Orlando