Church Twittering

Here’s what the world would look like if I Twittered from church most mornings.

7:55: Sitting down. Arranging kids and paging thru bulletin.

7:56: Exit hymn is #710. Does that make this a 7-10 split?

8:00: Standing

8:15: Sitting, singing

8:20: Communion – brb.

8:24: I’m back. Praying.

8:37: Sat down at the wrong time. Now trying to make it look like I needed to fix my socks and standing back up.

8:55: Done. See you twitterites in the gym for coffee.

Quick Takes 4/30/07

  • The more I look at the Jessica Alba character poster for Fantastic Four 2 the more I’m inclined to agree that it was seriously doctored. She looks like Eddie Murphy when he did that “what it’s like to be white” skit on SNL.
  • Seems members of the film Academy will be getting a survey from an unidentified publication as to their media consumption habits, specifically as they relate to where they get movie industry news and gossip.
  • SSH has releases from Activision and Hasbro regarding games and toys, respectively, that tie-in to Transformers.
  • One of the positions awarded from Monster Worldwide as part of their “Ultimate Internship” contest is a movie-marketing slot at Focus Features.
  • Lionsgate’s release of Hostel II in a few weeks will be a measure of how ready the American pop culture is ready to dive back into gruesome movies after the Va. Tech tragedy according to the NYT.
  • Jalopnik has pictures of a very cool set of Transformers lighters

Columns and projects

Just a quick note to loyal MMM readers. I know that I just got back into writing full columns for the last couple weeks and then went this week without one. That’s largely for two reasons.

One: I’m shoulder deep in a column for Spider-Man 3 that’s coming in at six Word pages already (and I haven’t gotten to the online stuff) and is so full of links it might just break the internet.

Two: I’m working on a project that I hope to complete soon that should be of interest to at least some of you but is taking some time to put together. I’ll let you know when it’s finished but I really like it and think it will be pretty cool, even if I’m the only one who thinks so.