The PointRoll-powered ads now populating online movie ticket service Fandango are every bit as much about the marketing of movies as they are about making ticket purchasing easier. Here’s why, straight from Dan Mohler of Fandango:

Mohler: It’s all about the consumer and making it easier for film fans to get access to the movies they want to see. As the nation’s largest movie ticketing site, with over 14,000 screens wired for online ticketing across the country, Fandango brings its brand equity and majority market share to the table, providing our theater and showtime content.

These special ads offer the most direct way to purchase a movie ticket online, and capture moviegoers at that point at which a moviegoer is most engaged and interested in a property. Advertising becomes a point of sale. The exhibitors and studios will benefit from the speed and ease of ticket execution.

That’s right, studios will benefit every bit as much as exhibitors. If they’re smart (and some are) they’ll make movie purchasing, downloading or just information research as easy as possible for everyone.

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