This looks intriguing. A kind of travelogue of modern China and how the world has come to it, the visuals almost look like something akin to Wes Anderson’s. It’s hard to get a sense of the performances since not much of them are shown and most of what is consists of a woman walking around a backstage area screaming for a Band-Aid.

The Poster

All I can say is that if you can make sense of the poster you’ll probably like the movie. It’s like an intelligence test. The audience will know who they are because they react to the mix of anime, ancient Chinese dress and kitschy world monuments. It’s definitely original even if it’s not the most appealing graphic design. Pretty cool, though.

The Trailer

This is where it just looks kooky. It’s one thing for so many disparate elements to be on a poster, it’s another to have them thrown at you like this. Also, see above on the woman asking for a Band-Aid.

The Website

Offerings here are pretty slim, but that’s to be expected of a niche foreign film.

There’s the trailer, a synopsis, credits and such. There’s also a list of reviews from publications including the Chicago Reader. The quote is from Reader critic Jonathan Rosenbaum, who also appears on a quick video interview you can watch on the site. Lastly, an online Press Room contains some promotional images and a PDF press kit you can download.


Quirky and fun, this could be interesting. Like I said, it definitely knows who it’s core audience is and the campaign is designed to appeal directly to them. It probably won’t attract too many outsiders