“Soft Skills” are Just Skills

LinkedIn recently shared its list of the job titles it says will be the most promising for those seeking new work or advancement in 2019. Some of those are more…substantial than others as there are a few “consultant” type titles on the list, while others are very tech-focused and detailed. Also offered by LinkedIn are…… Continue reading “Soft Skills” are Just Skills

Let’s Get Back to Owned Media

“Should We Replace Facebook with Personal Websites?” I had to audibly sigh when I saw that Vice headline considering Facebook (and other social network platforms) are what replaced personal websites in the first place. Back before status updates were a thing, we all had our own blogs and sites where we shared our thoughts and…… Continue reading Let’s Get Back to Owned Media

Content Marketing Programs Require More Than Three Steps to Develop

Over the course of the last several years there have been countless blog posts, videos and other material shared by various experts (both real and otherwise) on how to effectively create and and manage an online content marketing program. Just recently there was a post that crossed my RSS feed that boiled developing such a…… Continue reading Content Marketing Programs Require More Than Three Steps to Develop

Social Media, Parenting and Privacy

The internet has been aflutter in recent days over the story of a blogger and her children. The woman in question has been writing about her children for years, since each was an infant. Now one of them, aged nine, has discovered the internet has all kinds of pictures of her and her sibling along…… Continue reading Social Media, Parenting and Privacy

Work From Home? Wear Whatever You Want

A recent WSJ story set off a bit of backlash by suggesting that people working from home should eschew wearing sweatpants while doing so and instead choose stylish outfits that, when put together, can cost upwards of $1,000. That advice is of a feather with the general, long-lived suggestion that those who work from home…… Continue reading Work From Home? Wear Whatever You Want

Use Every Platform (That Makes Sense)

The first teaser trailer for the updated, photo-realistically animated version of The Lion King isn’t great. It’s a shot-for-shot remake of a scene from the 1994 original and does nothing other than promise the audience exactly the same experience they had 25 years ago. Despite that, it’s been immensely popular, wracking up 224 million views…… Continue reading Use Every Platform (That Makes Sense)

Business Products Require Editorial Responsibility

Here’s the question asked in the headline at Nieman Lab: Is the email newsletter a business product or an editorial responsibility? The subsequent post offers some good insights and thoughts, but in my own experience the answer is, of course, yes. Think of email newsletters – or any other form content marketing may take -…… Continue reading Business Products Require Editorial Responsibility

AR is the New QR

Walmart, according to Sarah Perez at TechCrunch, has begun adding AR to its in-store experience, with tags on select items that add price and other details to shoppers using the story’s mobile app. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s only a slight variation on what was promised years ago when companies and marketers were…… Continue reading AR is the New QR

The Key to Successful Ghostwriting

My content marketing experience over the last 15+ years has included a fair amount of my writing under my own name as well as writing under someone else’s. I’ve written blog posts, white papers, reports and other material for clients that have wound up being published or released without my name attached in any way.…… Continue reading The Key to Successful Ghostwriting