Three Years

The end of June 2019 marked three years since I was let go from Voce Communications and embarked on a path with no clear direction other than to make it all somehow work. That anniversary was one I intended to let pass without mention until I read this post, most of which I could have … Continue reading Three Years

“Soft Skills” are Just Skills

LinkedIn recently shared its list of the job titles it says will be the most promising for those seeking new work or advancement in 2019. Some of those are more...substantial than others as there are a few “consultant” type titles on the list, while others are very tech-focused and detailed. Also offered by LinkedIn are … Continue reading “Soft Skills” are Just Skills

Hot But Inexperienced

The gist of this story is that labels are so interested in signing and promoting bands and artists that have begun to gain some popularity on SoundCloud or other streaming services they don’t take into account that those artists have almost no experience actually performing on stage. The labels want to tap into that buzz … Continue reading Hot But Inexperienced

I Have These Skills..So Where Are the Jobs?

There’s a lot of interesting information in LinkedIn’s most recent hiring report for the Chicago area, including how the city primarily draws talent from only the surrounding states but that people are leaving for the coasts. Part of the report covers the kinds of skills that are too common in the area, meaning there are … Continue reading I Have These Skills..So Where Are the Jobs?

Accepting The Permanent Instability of Freelance Life

Reading this story from a couple weeks ago kind of has me thinking I will never find full-time work again. What’s odd to me is the fact that idea is both energizing and slightly depressing. Energized because of the potential for success it offers and depressing because full-time work is still kind of what I … Continue reading Accepting The Permanent Instability of Freelance Life