Quick Takes – Marketing and Media News for 3/22/18

More on the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal: At a time when the EPA and other governmental agencies are following conservative directions to strip power from regulatory agencies (if not dismantle them outright) it seems unlikely calls for a digital protection agency or updates to copyright law will be heeded. If politicians don’t believe their needed for… Read More

Truth As Someone Else’s Problem

Over the last few weeks YouTube has become the new favorite target of media and technology industry commentators and watchdogs due to its tendency to prioritize conspiracy videos in its recommendations. More broadly, because YouTube, like other social networks, is geared around reinforcing known behaviors, one action down this path is likely to result in… Read More

Quick Takes – Marketing and Media News for 2/13/18

I don’t have much to add to it but if you haven’t read this piece at Buzzfeed about the very real dangers we face from technology that allows reality to be manipulated in scary ways, you need to do so right damn now. Similarly, Wired has a report on the upheaval within Facebook in the… Read More

Quick Takes – Content Marketing and Media News for 1/23/18

Media Amazon Studios seems to be in the midst of a bit of upheaval in terms of direction, canceling a number of beloved shows (many of them by female creators, which is coming off as a bit tone deaf) and with reports it’s shifting its film acquisitions away from indie fare to bigger blockbusters. That’s… Read More

Quick Takes: Content Marketing and Media News for 1/16/18

Media Crackle will rebrand itself as “Sony Crackle” because, according to the story, the company wants to leverage the power of the Sony name. That’s code for “the person who kept insisting it didn’t need to be corporately branded is no longer with the company and so someone finally got their way.” CBS and Viacom… Read More

Quick Takes: Content Marketing and Media News For 1/11/18

People aren’t thrilled with Instagram’s insertion of posts from people and accounts they don’t follow into their feeds. The company is positioning this as being discovery-oriented, showing people posts from accounts their friends might follow or which align with their interests. The thing is, they’re doing this instead of just showing an unfiltered feed of… Read More

Quick Takes: Content Marketing and Media News for 12/21/17

Media TicToc is the new breaking news channel from Bloomberg and Twitter, showing the latter is serious about being a media distribution platform. I have to think between this, Cheddar and a few other video shows Twitter will eventually break out some sort of separate channel akin to Snapchat’s Discover to get more attention. Penske… Read More

Quick Takes: Content Marketing and Media News for 12/5/17

MEDIA Paywalls are once again the tactic du jour in the media world, with The New York Times cutting the number of “free” articles readers can consume from 10 to five and Wired and Business Insider both adding limited free access before encountering a paywall. The bad news continues to come for various media outlets,… Read More

Quick Takes: Content Marketing and Media News for 11/30/17

Facebook’s move to offer a “breaking” label select publishers can use on their stories to help them be found in the News Feed is a step in the right direction in terms of addressing the spread of fake news in that it assigns some level of verified status to the publisher. You can now mess… Read More

Quick Takes: Content Marketing and Media News for 11/28/17

Meetup, the popular event-organizing service, is being acquired by coworking company WeWork, like part of the latter’s plans to basically own or manage any sort of space that any group of two or more could ever gather in. Facebook has clarified its advertising principles, making their efforts appear as innocuous and customizable by the user… Read More