Use Every Platform (That Makes Sense)

The first teaser trailer for the updated, photo-realistically animated version of The Lion King isn’t great. It’s a shot-for-shot remake of a scene from the 1994 original and does nothing other than promise the audience exactly the same experience they had 25 years ago. Despite that, it’s been immensely popular, wracking up 224 million views…… Continue reading Use Every Platform (That Makes Sense)

What’s Driving the “Broadcast With Friends” Social Trend?

For as much press as face filters and 3D augmented reality 360-degree videos posts get in the tech press there’s one trend that seems largely undercovered but which is no less real in the social media world. Broadcasting with friends. This past May, Facebook added the ability to add friends to a live broadcast, essentially…… Continue reading What’s Driving the “Broadcast With Friends” Social Trend?

10 Years of Lazy Sunday

New from me on Voce Nation: People like me argued at the time that while we absolutely understood NBC’s desire to protect its intellectual property and got that they felt online views would cannibalize TV ratings (why watch it on TV now if you can catch it online in the morning?), the clip’s popularity was…… Continue reading 10 Years of Lazy Sunday