There’s No Such Thing As “Hidden” Talents

“Oh, I didn’t know you could do that!” It’s a sentiment that’s heard - or at least felt - a lot in the business world. Manager and supervisors hire someone for a specific role and then are surprised to find that person is capable of other things. Recently Fast Company shared some tips on how … Continue reading There’s No Such Thing As “Hidden” Talents

That’s a Big Pocket

At the end of last year I got the following notification from Pocket saying I was one of the service’s power users: That’s obviously a lot of reading. Pocket has been an important part of my online reading productivity for quite a while. While reading RSS items in Feedly or simply finding interesting stories on … Continue reading That’s a Big Pocket

Subscribe to Productivity Lost

Over the last year and a half I’ve been doing a lot of writing about productivity, the economic measure of how much value companies are extracting from the efforts of their workforce. Some of that has been published here. Most of it, though, has been happening behind the scenes. It’s a project I undertook on … Continue reading Subscribe to Productivity Lost

Productively Writing About Productivity

Well, it’s completed. For now. A year and a half ago I started writing about productivity. I wasn’t sure what I was ultimately going to do with it. It felt like a book and I’ve pitched it as such to multiple publishers, none of which have taken me up on the offer. Two drafts were … Continue reading Productively Writing About Productivity

Three Years

The end of June 2019 marked three years since I was let go from Voce Communications and embarked on a path with no clear direction other than to make it all somehow work. That anniversary was one I intended to let pass without mention until I read this post, most of which I could have … Continue reading Three Years

PWT (Productivity While Traveling)

There’s pressure on many workers to use every moment to increase their productivity. That’s partly because they’re being asked to do more than they can reasonably fit into a 40 hour work week and partly because not utilizing every possible second in service to an employer is often seen as a sign you’re not committed … Continue reading PWT (Productivity While Traveling)

Music As Productivity Help or Hinderance

Walk through an office and you might see some people sitting at the desks working while they have headphones of some kind in or on their ears. Some companies don’t allow this kind of activity, restricting employees from listening to music or anything else, or they might have something playing over speakers in the office … Continue reading Music As Productivity Help or Hinderance

What Does It Mean to Achieve Productive Writing?

This post got me thinking. After all I’ve been writing a lot about productivity recently, and as a freelance writer (with other responsibilities) I’m under a lot of pressure to make sure I’m using every moment efficiently and effectively, maximizing my outputs and minimizing those inputs to get as much done as possible in the … Continue reading What Does It Mean to Achieve Productive Writing?

Super Bowl-Induced Productivity Loss Is Nothing

Last week Captivate released a study similar to the kind that come out in advance of every Super Bowl as well as during March Madness, around the time of events like a solar eclipse and so on. The company predicted the number of people who would be calling in sick or who would be dragging … Continue reading Super Bowl-Induced Productivity Loss Is Nothing

The Beatings Will Continue…

With resolution season upon us there are lots of opportunities for fresh starts. Some of those involve personal matters while others involve changes to be made in someone’s professional life. That’s only natural. Still, it’s not hard to be taken aback at the way the business press is playing into the notion that individuals must … Continue reading The Beatings Will Continue…