What’s Next For The Unemployed

There’s a reality being left unsaid in our current conversation. Over the course of the last several weeks there have been countless stories and reports on the continued impasse in Washington, D.C. over how and to what extent to continue the federal unemployment assistance program. Originally set at $600, this program gave those who had … Continue reading What’s Next For The Unemployed

Making a Bad Situation Worse

Going in the wrong direction. It’s nearly impossible to explain or quantify how bad the job situation in the United States is at the moment. As of this writing, the country has seen 20 straight weeks of more than 1 million new unemployment claims, a number that’s almost certainly low given it fails to count … Continue reading Making a Bad Situation Worse

Rethinking Office Perks

People’s needs and expectations are - and are going to be - very different. You’d be hard-pressed to offer a single, cohesive and comprehensive definition of “office perks.” In practice that term can be used to describe anything from free coffee to ping-pong tables in the break room to artisan baguettes served in the commissary. … Continue reading Rethinking Office Perks

The Workplace May Change, But By Whom?

The same people who created a broken system are being asked to imagine a new one. We are in the middle of a massive, unplanned experiment. While 30-some states this week are starting down their plans to “reopen” their economic engines, those plans seem to be mostly about retail and manufacturing operations. White collar, information-economy … Continue reading The Workplace May Change, But By Whom?

Do What You Must Without Shame

Society’s expectations are kind of misaligned. There are millions of people who have been laid off in the last few weeks. The job market they’re entering is even more uncertain than the one I faced when I was let go in the middle of 2016, with far fewer options available. If they had retail/service industry … Continue reading Do What You Must Without Shame

Employees Working From Home? Time to Invade Their Privacy

Employees can’t be trusted to be productive without monitoring. With vast swaths of the country in lockdown as a protective measure to fight the Covid-19 outbreak, a much higher percentage of employees working from home, at least those who aren’t in the retail/manufacturing/gig/service industries who are unable to do so. That increase has also led … Continue reading Employees Working From Home? Time to Invade Their Privacy

There’s No Such Thing As “Hidden” Talents

“Oh, I didn’t know you could do that!” It’s a sentiment that’s heard - or at least felt - a lot in the business world. Manager and supervisors hire someone for a specific role and then are surprised to find that person is capable of other things. Recently Fast Company shared some tips on how … Continue reading There’s No Such Thing As “Hidden” Talents

That’s a Big Pocket

At the end of last year I got the following notification from Pocket saying I was one of the service’s power users: That’s obviously a lot of reading. Pocket has been an important part of my online reading productivity for quite a while. While reading RSS items in Feedly or simply finding interesting stories on … Continue reading That’s a Big Pocket

Subscribe to Productivity Lost

Over the last year and a half I’ve been doing a lot of writing about productivity, the economic measure of how much value companies are extracting from the efforts of their workforce. Some of that has been published here. Most of it, though, has been happening behind the scenes. It’s a project I undertook on … Continue reading Subscribe to Productivity Lost

Productively Writing About Productivity

Well, it’s completed. For now. A year and a half ago I started writing about productivity. I wasn’t sure what I was ultimately going to do with it. It felt like a book and I’ve pitched it as such to multiple publishers, none of which have taken me up on the offer. Two drafts were … Continue reading Productively Writing About Productivity