Those Systems Don’t Know Us, But Pretend To

I’ve certainly had experiences similar to what’s described in this much-shared story from a few months ago about the way the algorithms that push suggestions and notifications at us all day long are never exactly right but are also never exactly wrong. Spotify, for instance, continues to insist I’m going to enjoy Hall & Oates…… Continue reading Those Systems Don’t Know Us, But Pretend To

Take the Pressure Off Social Responses

More terrible data pushing the terrible notion that brands engaging in marketing efforts via social media should feel the need to respond to each and every comment directed at them. This time it comes via a survey of U.S. adults, gauging what they feel is an appropriate response rate. Unsurprisingly, most people feel such responses…… Continue reading Take the Pressure Off Social Responses

Content Marketing Programs Require More Than Three Steps to Develop

Over the course of the last several years there have been countless blog posts, videos and other material shared by various experts (both real and otherwise) on how to effectively create and and manage an online content marketing program. Just recently there was a post that crossed my RSS feed that boiled developing such a…… Continue reading Content Marketing Programs Require More Than Three Steps to Develop

Social Media, Parenting and Privacy

The internet has been aflutter in recent days over the story of a blogger and her children. The woman in question has been writing about her children for years, since each was an infant. Now one of them, aged nine, has discovered the internet has all kinds of pictures of her and her sibling along…… Continue reading Social Media, Parenting and Privacy

Use Every Platform (That Makes Sense)

The first teaser trailer for the updated, photo-realistically animated version of The Lion King isn’t great. It’s a shot-for-shot remake of a scene from the 1994 original and does nothing other than promise the audience exactly the same experience they had 25 years ago. Despite that, it’s been immensely popular, wracking up 224 million views…… Continue reading Use Every Platform (That Makes Sense)

I Have These Skills..So Where Are the Jobs?

There’s a lot of interesting information in LinkedIn’s most recent hiring report for the Chicago area, including how the city primarily draws talent from only the surrounding states but that people are leaving for the coasts. Part of the report covers the kinds of skills that are too common in the area, meaning there are…… Continue reading I Have These Skills..So Where Are the Jobs?

Study: Fortune 500 Gets Blogging Again

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research has released its latest analysis of social media usage in the marketing efforts of companies on the Fortune 500 list. As always, the study has a number of interesting insights into how corporations view different online platforms and how they can contribute to their marketing efforts.…… Continue reading Study: Fortune 500 Gets Blogging Again

Quick Takes: 9/8/05

I love this list of someone’s daily routine while writing a novel.Matt McAlister points us to a one-click RSS subscription solution.Despite the fact that we keep hearing RSS has yet to reach any notable market penetration MediaPace says, “RSS is coming of age.”The Wikipedia is getting more and more popular as both a research tool…… Continue reading Quick Takes: 9/8/05

Quick Takes: 9/1/05

I agree that the concept of wi-fi enabled digital cameras would be a fantastic idea.  Especially if you’re a PR person wanting to show your boss live action from an event.Neville Hobson has discovered a third-party application that enables you to record Google Talk conversations.If you don’t realize you can use blogs (and the internet…… Continue reading Quick Takes: 9/1/05