Business Products Require Editorial Responsibility

Here’s the question asked in the headline at Nieman Lab: Is the email newsletter a business product or an editorial responsibility? The subsequent post offers some good insights and thoughts, but in my own experience the answer is, of course, yes. Think of email newsletters - or any other form content marketing may take - … Continue reading Business Products Require Editorial Responsibility

I Already Signed Up…

If your online reading habits are anything like mine, you’ve likely seen some variation on the below prompt at least a dozen times a day every day in the last two years. The email newsletter “sign up” prompt is the new site interstitial. In fact about half the time it comes either before or after … Continue reading I Already Signed Up…

Content Marketing Updates for 8/25/17

A roundup of all the news you need to know about Snapchat, Anchor, Facebook and lots more.

Email Is What Millennials Want

Brightwave's newly released research says that Millennials want to hear from you via email. But don't take that as an open invitation to go crazy since their desires are very much in line with studies covering what people want from brands on social networks, namely information on money-saving or limited-time deals and other time-sensitive information. … Continue reading Email Is What Millennials Want

Quick Takes 7/13/16: FTC Fines Warner Bros., Twitter Livestreams and More

As Online Video Surges, Publishers Turn to Automation (The New York Times, 7/10/16) This is so awful I barely know what to do with it. Automating content is bad enough since you lose the heart and soul of the producer, but how these companies are talking about cobbling together videos from existing wire service photos … Continue reading Quick Takes 7/13/16: FTC Fines Warner Bros., Twitter Livestreams and More

theSkimm Launches Calendar App

theSkimm, a popular email newsletter that offers recaps of important news people should know, is launching a brand extension in the form of an iPhone app that adds important dates to people's mobile calendars. So it's a way to keep up to date on when political events, TV premieres and other things you need to … Continue reading theSkimm Launches Calendar App

Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 2/19/09

Tools: Alan Wolk writes an opinion piece for Brandweek that rightly says widgets too often resemble the old way of thinking about advertising, in that the product being marketed gets in the way of the message. The best widgets are those that are fun for the user and actually do something interesting ASIDE FROM marketing … Continue reading Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 2/19/09

Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 2/17/09

Social Networking: Max Kalehoff shares an example of how marketing his company through his personal Twitter account both felt better and produced better results than his previous attempts at doing so through a corporately branded account. With all the hubbub about Twitter creating a brand level of user on the service, Jay Krall at Cision … Continue reading Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 2/17/09

Movie Marketing and Technology: Email Newsletters

Back around the beginning of the month I set myself up with subscriptions to the various studios' email newsletters. A while ago I had been getting MGM's email but never found it to include anything, you know, useful so I discontinued it. Then I started thinking that studios must be better at the newsletter thing … Continue reading Movie Marketing and Technology: Email Newsletters