The Key to Successful Ghostwriting

My content marketing experience over the last 15+ years has included a fair amount of my writing under my own name as well as writing under someone else’s. I’ve written blog posts, white papers, reports and other material for clients that have wound up being published or released without my name attached in any way. […]

Employment Journey

What Should Freelancers Do With Their Rage?

(10/19/18 Update: I wound up contributing this post to The Freelancers Union Blog. You can now read it in full here.) It can be tempting to to let loose and share your unrestrained thoughts about the current administration on any number of topics, from the continued detention of immigrant children to the recent controversy around […]

Blogging writing

How to Use WordPress To Save Your Freelance History

A while ago movie writer Drew McWeeny posted this to Twitter: The real horror when sites fold is the loss of the archives. That's what your work is, fellow writers. Tears in rain. — DrewMcWeeny (@DrewMcWeeny) April 27, 2018 That kind of problem has plagued the freelance writing field to a growing extent in the […]


Don’t Write For Free, Unless It’s For Yourself

There’s a long-standing and completely true maxim in the freelance world that you shouldn’t write for free. If a publication or site is telling you it can’t pay you but hey, you’ll get exposure, turn it down. They don’t value you as a creative talent, just someone who can help them build out their ad […]