AR is the New QR

Walmart, according to Sarah Perez at TechCrunch, has begun adding AR to its in-store experience, with tags on select items that add price and other details to shoppers using the story’s mobile app. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s only a slight variation on what was promised years ago when companies and marketers were … Continue reading AR is the New QR

QR Codes May or May Not Comeback, But the Idea Persists

Rebecca Sentance at ClickZ has an intriguing column up wondering if the time isn’t right for a comeback for QR codes. She points to a number of technical changes that finally incorporate QR code reading as native functionality, which was something that was remarkably missing several years ago when the format seemed poised for taking … Continue reading QR Codes May or May Not Comeback, But the Idea Persists

So *that’s* what QR codes are for

If you were wondering why people are scanning QR codes, the majority of them are doing so to get product information or promotions. So it's basically for the same reasons anyone does anything - visits a website, Likes a brand on Facebook, dials an 800 number - and therefore shouldn't be that surprising. Like RSS … Continue reading So *that’s* what QR codes are for