• 3 billion people, over 50% of the world’s population, now use social media per We Are Social and Hootsuite.
  • Warner Bros. setting an October launch date for their new short-form entertainment brand Stage 13, says Variety.
  • Snap’s stock up on reports of ad buying interest, but that makes it as susceptible as Twitter to downturns.
  • Revenue for AR/VR products is poised to hit $215b by 2021 according to a new report.
  • The war by media groups to push back against the ad revenue dominance of Google and Facebook isn’t going well.
  • Most interesting stat from Newswhip is that the most-trusted media are not always the most-shared media.
  • YouTube is making sharing videos you find on mobile easier with new features.
  • WordPress.com Business-level users will now get access to the rich plugin ecosystem that exists.
  • WordPress unsurprisingly dominates this list of the top CMS platforms worldwide.
  • A reminder that there are vast swaths of Twitter we’re wholly unaware of on a regular basis.
  • Instagram will now let you add a co-host during a live video stream.
  • Snapchat has released an infographic with stats and demographics on who’s using the app.
  • Swarm is embracing the idea of the “lifelog” for people to view their check-in history and stats.
  • Facebook shutting down Snapchat clone Lifestage because all of FB is now a Snapchat clone.
  • Anchor will let you create an easy video from your podcast audio and share it anywhere.
  • If you still consider tracking codes a “secret weapon” you’re at least eight years behind the curve.
  • Facebook is shutting down its sstandalone Groups app, moving all activity over to the main app.
  • Promoted Video ads are now available to all advertisers on Pinterest.
  • Brand posts by influencers see significantly higher engagement and posts from the brand itself.
  • Snapcodes aren’t driving new follower growth for brands anymore, but deep links are.
  • Influencer marketing has evolved from a product-focus to an overall lifestyle appeal.
  • Get the details on Watch, the new video entertainment offering from Facebook.
  • The gist here is that all the ad formats online publishers are counting on are the ones Google says are terrible.
  • Bummer that Seeso is shutting down, but I can’t say I’m shocked. Never seemed to have the appeal needed.
  • It’s an interesting perspective, that companies that engage in “influencer marketing” are essentially taking advantage of cheap, often unpaid labor.
  • Buzzfeed and Twitter are teaming up to bring the morning show formula to social media.
  • Medium wants you to “clap” when you enjoy a post someone has shared. Sure, why not.
  • Sorry, but Snap failing at user acquisition after years of massive hype and buzz means there’s no business there.

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