About Me

Services and Rates

The experience I’ve accumulated allows me to offer a wide range of services to my freelance clients. If you don’t see something listed below, feel free to contact me to discuss.

  • Writing – Blog posts / Articles: $40/hour
  • Writing – Technical Writing: $50/hour
  • Writing – Web Content: $40/hour
  • Writing – Social Content: $30/hour
  • Writing – White Papers: $50/hour
  • Writing – Marketing Emails: $40/hour
  • Writing – Brochures and Collateral: $35/hour
  • Writing – Ebooks: $50/hour
  • Editorial – Editing / Proofreading: $50/hour
  • Strategy – Audience Research : $45/hour
  • Strategy – Stakeholder Interviews: $45/hour
  • Strategy – Content Calendar Development: $40/hour
  • Strategy – Style Guide Development: $50/hour
  • Strategy – Owned Media Audit: $40/hour
  • Strategy – Competitor Owned Media Audit: $40/hour

These hourly rates are based on my 15+ years of experience with content and social media marketing programs, my skills as a writer and my ability to turn around clean copy quickly. They reflect not only the time spent writing and creating but also researching and collecting the necessary information.

I prefer to work with hourly rates because it allows me to more effectively and fairly bill my time. In my experience flat fees mean I don’t fully communicate my value and you don’t understand the full costs of the requests you’re making.

Additional Notes:

  • Standard delivery window is seven business days.
  • Expedited delivery = standard rate plus 15%.
  • Discounts are available for clients signing two or more months of work on a single contract or who hire me for two or more services on a single contract.
  • At project inception, a scope of work will be provided that lists deliverables, the work necessary, agreed-upon rates and a timeline for completion. Any changes to this initial scope will require a change order and may incur additional charges.  
  • Invoices will be sent at the end of the month or, if requested, upon completion of the project.
  • Payment is expected within 30 days of the invoice being received unless otherwise specified. Payment will be accepted by check, direct deposit, PayPal or Venmo, with the method specified at the project’s outset.

Resources List

Over the years I’ve had the chance to use a variety of project management tools, communications systems, publishing platforms and more. If you’re wondering how I work, though, these are the tools I use most regularly on a daily basis.

  • Google Suite – Gmail (personal email), Google Docs/Sheets (writing and tracking).
  • Feedly – RSS subscriptions for news tracking.
  • Pocket – Integrated with Feedly to save articles and posts for later reading and referencing.
  • WordPress – Publishing personal blogs.
  • Tweetdeck – Regular Twitter reading and engagement.
  • Hootsuite – Scheduling posts for later publishing on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • And Co – Client invoicing.
  • Contently – Freelance portfolio.
  • Evernote – Note taking and archiving.


5 replies on “About Me”

Dear Chris

Hi I don’t know if you remember me? My name is Kim Louise Walden, from the School of Creative Arts, University of Hertfordshire in the UK. I was in touch a couple of years ago re: my research on film marketing?.

I was very interested in your site Movie Marketing Madness as an example of a new kind of archive emerging on the web which takes what used to be called ‘film ephemera’ seriously.

Well my research continues to progress and I have been looking at strategies for undertaking media archaeological searches and again find myself referring to your MMM archive again .

I am currently writing a paper for a conference and here’s the proposal:

Searching for District 9 in the archives: An archaeology of a film transmedia campaign
Film marketing materials have conventionally been regarded as both ephemera and ephemeral but in a digital environment they have become increasingly significant colonising the spaces before, between and beyond the film itself. Indeed the distinctions between promotion and content have become so blurred that, arguably, marketing campaigns have become as entertaining as the films they promote, raising questions about the cultural value of such ephemera.
This project set out to examine what transmedia contributes to the narrative ecology of the film and took the award winning campaign designed by the marketing agency, Trigger for Neil Blomkamp’s District 9 (2009) as a starting point. But the research did not get off to an auspicious start because shortly after the project began, the site disappeared.
This paper will give an account of a media archaeological excavation to find for District 9’s web campaign. During the search archival sites encountered included institutions set up with the aim of preservation such as the Internet Archive, the Webby awards archive as well the ‘new’ generation of web 2.0 archives – a personal blog, YouTube and social media sites.
In the light of this, the paper will then reflect on what the German media theorist Wolfgang Ernst referred to as the ‘machine perspective’ and how the mechanisms of the digital archives condition the way we know things about the recent digital past. It will conclude by suggesting that these archival encounters in this project revealed as much about the nature of digital archives as the film transmediation.

I am giving the paper at a conference called Archives 2.0 at the National Museum of Media in Bradford, UK in November 2014.

I would like to ask you a question: why did you not look at District 9’s campaign back in August 2009?? I would be really interested to know what your decision making process was.

Thank you for your time.

If you wish to reply, please drop me a line to [email protected].

with my best wishes


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