tweet-retweetDaniel Honigman asks: Does a re-tweet equal an endorsement?

While I certainly concur with the point behind Dan’s anecdote about journalists double-checking things before randomly re-tweeting – and the larger caution that anything that can’t be verified should be re-tweeted with care – I think the answer to Dan’s question is, almost universally, “Yes.”

A re-tweet, in essence, is the equivalent of saying “I would have said this myself but this person said it first and just about as well as I would have so I’ll publish it under my own feed.” So it’s very much an endorsement of the original publisher’s point of view. It’s also a recommendation of that person in general to others and a way to label them as somewhat of an influencer.


    1. @daniel: For the most part I do. If I’m going to put my stamp of approval – and that’s very much how I view re-tweets – I’m going to make sure it’s something I would have passed along myself. But that’s just me and maybe I’m odd that way.

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