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High Culture Meets Internet Culture

Do you read Arrested Downton? It’s a Tumblr blog that takes scenes from Downton Abby and overlays quotes from Arrested Development. Yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds, particularly if you’re a fan of both shows. Or did you read the news the other day about a Tumblr user who combined headlines from The Onion … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Pan

The Peter Pan story is kind of frightening, when you think about it. A group of kids are left on their own to defend their land and possessions – even their lives – against a group of pirates who obviously have no problem straight-up murdering them. And in the middle of that a girl and … Continue reading

Attaching an Activist Message to a Movie’s Marketing

The New York Times last week shared this story about movies that are designed to spur some sort of humanitarian action. The question being, to a great extent, how can you effectively market a movie that is designed to not just inform but also get people involved in the cause that the filmmakers are highlighting? … Continue reading

Twitter Moments Launches, With An Eye Toward Hollywood Ad Dollars

  New from me on Voce Nation: Essentially, Moments is a simple way to organize the chaos that is Twitter around a specific event or story (for example, the #superbloodmoon last month, or the Umpqua shootings, or the MLB playoffs). Moments are curated collections of tweets, images, videos, or anything else you can find on … Continue reading

Universal Embraces Back to the Future Part II

Universal Pictures had a bit of Back to the Future Part II-related fun yesterday. Firs Pepsi announced it would release a limited edition Pepsi Perfect bottle on October 21st, the day Doc, Marty and Jennifer travel to in the opening of the movie. Pepsi Perfect, you’ll remember, is what Marty gets when he walks into … Continue reading

After the Campaign: The Martian

In my MMM column for The Martian I wrote the following: …overall this is a strong campaign that lives and dies on the charm of the actors involved. Having seen the movie last night I can say that yeah, that’s pretty accurate. The film is light and breezy and very thin on character development but … Continue reading

Before The Show: The Martian 10/4/15

  Burnt The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Bridge Of Spies Crimson Peak Concussion Point Break The Revenant Joy

Snapchat Eyeing Studios for New Sponsored Lenses

According to a story in Variety, Snapchat is targeting Hollywood studios for Sponsored Lenses, a new ad unit they’re planning on rolling out at the end of this month. For those who are uninitiated, Lenses is a Snapchat feature that allows  people to add unique special effects to their selfies. The most popular – or … Continue reading

Picking Up The Spare: The Walk, The Martian, Freeheld

The Walk: Seems the movie’s theatrical poster took some liberties with the World Trade Center’s location in New York City when it came to showing what was down there at street level. Some attendees of early screenings of the fim experienced vertigo and got some upset tummies. Don’t think they’ll be including those as pull … Continue reading

Reboots, Remakes and More…It’s all About Positioning

Vox has a handy refresher on what is – or at least should be – meant when studios assign terms like reboot, remake, reimagining and more to the movies they’re putting out. I agree with most of the definitions here and wish people would use these terms more judiciously since often it’s not the studios … Continue reading

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