What I Accomplished In 2018

Every year is interesting in its own right. There are ups and downs and moments in between, things that will never be forgotten and things that won’t be remembered without serious effort being put in. On at least two fronts, 2018 was notable in very positive ways. First, from January through August I kept quite … Continue reading What I Accomplished In 2018

What I Learned In 2017

There’s been... a lot...that’s happened in 2017. Even more so than 2016, when I was let go from my last full-time job and began what might generously be called an “unexpected” career path, this year has been one of learnings, new beginnings, shedding of old notions and much more. I don’t want to overstate things. … Continue reading What I Learned In 2017

This Week On This Writing Life – 11/10/17

You can keep up with my Medium posts on my personal writing thoughts and experiences by following This Writing Life.  Measuring Performance Comes Later: I truly believe how well a piece, whether it’s a 300-word blog post or a 40,000-word novel performs is any indicator of the quality of what’s produced or a signal of … Continue reading This Week On This Writing Life – 11/10/17

Starting Is The Hardest Part

I have four or five story ideas that are in various stages of being fleshed out and written. They range from the novel (?) I’m currently working on the third draft of to ideas that I’m still trying to develop the arcs for. Most of these ideas have come to me around 10:00 pm as … Continue reading Starting Is The Hardest Part

Multiple Outlets, Multiple Writing Voices

Over the course of my career, I’ve been able to write for a variety of blogs, websites and other projects. Those have generally fallen into one of four categories: Personal blogs Employers Industry news Client (agency or freelance) work Each one has required me to establish and adhere to a different writing style. Flexibility is … Continue reading Multiple Outlets, Multiple Writing Voices

Why The First Thing I Write In the Morning Is So Important

I’ve never been much for exercise. I tend to get winded quickly and easily when running and enjoy a good walk much more. My few attempts at series “get in shape” exercise have been frustrating as I realize after a period of time that maybe I’m just destined to be the kind of doughy guy … Continue reading Why The First Thing I Write In the Morning Is So Important

Rules, guidelines etc

CJR has a great post about some of the Latin abbreviations that we writers love to use when we either want to look smart or are tired of typing. All of those expressions above—“i.e.,” “e.g.,” “et al.,” and “etc.”— are signals that you either are about to elaborate on something or expect the readers to … Continue reading Rules, guidelines etc