It’s a fresh set of downs, the perfect time to officially kick off or unveil a few things.

Productivity Lost

I’ve mentioned this before but today it launches for real. Productivity Lost began as a non-fiction book project I was working on but, after not being able to find a publisher interested in it, I made the decision to share it as an ongoing blog. Chapters have become individual posts, footnotes have become links and so on. Updates are going to be published three times a week and you can subscribe via email or RSS depending on your preference.

What I’m hoping to do is point out how much the American working public has been sold a bill of goods regarding productivity. Employees, contractors and others are held accountable to it, it’s used as a measure of economic progress, and yet there’s almost no way companies and corporations have sufficiently or legitimately fostered productivity as an actual goal.

The plan is to publish what was the book over the course of several months and then add on from there.

Fiction By Thilk

Previously I had shared some of the short stories and other fiction I’ve written recently on this site, but now I’ve decided to create a standalone portfolio site for that creative writing. It’s a better way, I think, to show off what I’m capable off and keep this site a little less cluttered.

My hope is to add to this over the course of 2020. There are some longer works I’m still chipping away at, but I also plan to take some time and create more short fiction each week, publishing it all there.

Thilk Shared Items

For years I’ve struggled with how best to share the kinds of stories I come across and think are interesting. Sharing on Twitter or LinkedIn often feels forced and unnatural. Recently I’ve been pushing them to my Pocket Recommendations, but that too didn’t feel quite right.

That new site addresses one of my primary concerns, which is that it more meaningfully archies the stories being shared. All those other platforms are so ephemeral and aren’t great when it comes to finding items later on, so this is the best option out there. Posts there will be shared on Twitter.

All three of these new sites, like this and Cinematic Slant, are built on, still my preferred platform for publishing online. It’s flexible, archivable and almost always does what I want it to do.

It may seem nuts to add a bunch of new responsibilities to my plate, but what the hell else am I going to do? These are all projects or areas that are important to me, so finding a way to show them off was a scratch requiring itching.

I hope you enjoy them and that they turn out to be both informative and entertaining. Leave a comment with questions or feedback.