Do one thing well.

That’s the thinking behind a shift in focus and strategy I’ve been working on regarding my online publishing and how I present myself to the world. After all, as I’ve stated before, the goal of all those efforts is to find more freelance work, making it a bigger part of my income.

So if that’s the goal, what are the tactics?

First, this site is getting a more specific editorial directive. Specifically, this is where I’ll be writing about the social media and content marketing industries. News, opinions and more can all be found here as well as a handful of regular topical series I’m planning. I’ve also drastically overhauled my Services page with a more finely-detailed list of the kinds of projects I’m eager and able to take on.

Second, I’m going to stop cross-posting articles from here on Instead I’m using that as my outlet for stories about writing, freelancing and related topics. Most of those will be behind the Publisher Program membership wall because, well, they are what seem to garner the highest level engagement and again, the goal here is to increase my income.

Finally, Cinematic Slant is going to remain pretty much as it is, though I’ve put more rigor into creating an editorial calendar for that site. Not only will it host my regular Marketing Recaps but I’ll be slowing introducing and continuing more features and series there to keep things going and maintain the growth momentum on that site. I’m also going to no longer cross-post stories from there to Medium.

Overall I want each channel to be unique and have something special to offer. That’s good for the audience and for me.

Chris Thilk is a freelance writer and content strategist who lives in the Chicago suburbs.

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