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Picking Up the Spare: Lion, A Cure For Wellness

Lion An ad for the movie was taken out in the Los Angeles Times that denounced (gag) Pres. Trump’s travel and visitation ban, making it clear that the production of the movie might not have taken place had the order been in place then. It’s a decent political statement that also doubles as Oscar-timed promotion […]

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MMM Recap: Week of 2/17/17 New Releases

A Cure For Wellness What strikes me about the campaign is that there’s precious little attention paid to the story itself. There’s no synopsis on the website, there’s no copy or other hints on the posters and even the full trailer doesn’t go too in-depth on what exactly is going on. Instead the focus is […]

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The Cure Involves Fake News

I went a bit more in-depth on Fox’s “fake news” viral efforts for A Cure For Wellness in my latest Adweek post: Discussion of “fake news” is a huge deal these days. After being a pervasive media narrative during the election cycle, Facebook and other platforms are making efforts to stop the spread of inaccurate […]

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Movie Marketing Madness: A Cure For Wellness

In A Cure for Wellness, Dane DeHaan plays Lockhart, a young executive with a large company whose CEO has gone missing. So Lockhart is dispatched to the spa resort in the Swiss Alps where he the CEO had gone but who hasn’t been heard from since. The spa is reported to be the sort that […]