MGM Lines Up Addams Family Promotional Partners

My latest contribution to Adweek is an interview with MGM marketing executives sharing details on the promotional partnerships the studio secured for this week’s The Addams Family. The opportunity afforded by the natural connection between The Addams Family and Halloween is one that MGM, the studio releasing the film, leaped at on a number of … Continue reading MGM Lines Up Addams Family Promotional Partners

Warner Bros. Goes Experiential For It Chapter 2

My latest post at Adweek is a deeper look at the Derry Canal Days experiential marketing event run by Warner Bros. as part of the marketing campaign for It Chapter 2. With It Chapter Two hitting theaters this week Warner Bros. is once more pulling out an experiential marketing execution meant to make the movie’s … Continue reading Warner Bros. Goes Experiential For It Chapter 2

2019’s Most Interesting Movie Campaigns

My latest post for Adweek is a recap of the movie campaigns from the first half of 2019 I felt were most interesting or compelling, not necessarily the ones that supported the year’s most successful movies. The following list is presented in no particular order other than that in which they caught my eye while … Continue reading 2019’s Most Interesting Movie Campaigns

Warner Bros. Goes Influencer for IT: Chapter 2 Tease

My latest column at Adweek is about a buzz-building campaign Warner Bros. has been running to build anticipation for IT: Chapter 2's first trailer. With the first movie such a success, it’s no surprise that Warner Bros. is starting to roll out the marketing for this year’s It: Chapter 2. The movie, scheduled for release … Continue reading Warner Bros. Goes Influencer for IT: Chapter 2 Tease

The Avengers Stand Up To Cancer

For Adweek, I wrote about the cross-promotional campaign that enlisted stars from Avengers: Endgame to raise awareness for Stand Up To Cancer. To promote the massive (literally, as it reportedly clocks in at an endurance-testing three hours) conclusion, Marvel Studios has run a substantial campaign that has heavily played into the history of the MCU. … Continue reading The Avengers Stand Up To Cancer

Brand Ryan Reynolds

My latest contribution to Adweek is a look at how a promotion for Detective Pikachu fits right in with everything else Ryan Reynolds has done over the last two years. Ryan Reynolds has a strong public persona, an immediately identifiable personal brand—dry, egotistical, quick-witted and slightly oblivious—that he has unleashed on his audiences to promote … Continue reading Brand Ryan Reynolds

Never Sleep Again Thanks to Will Smith’s Genie

Writing about the first appearance of Will Smith as Genie in a new Aladdin TV spot for Adweek was just a form of therapy. When Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of Aladdin was featured on an Entertainment Weekly cover story last December, fans were slightly concerned. Will Smith was not, on the cover or any of … Continue reading Never Sleep Again Thanks to Will Smith’s Genie

The Stunts Selling 2018’s Movies

My latest post on Adweek looks at some of the most notable publicity beats and stunts selling a handful of movies this year. To make a significant impact, some of this year’s biggest and most notable releases worked hard to generate buzz. Here are seven movie marketing executions that stood out among a sea of … Continue reading The Stunts Selling 2018’s Movies

Innovative Horror Marketing

My latest Adweek contribution hits some ways that horror movies have helped pushed marketing in interesting new directions and taken advantage of new, at the time, technology. While horror isn’t a genre that everyone enjoys, it is one that is a relatively accurate barometer of what frightens society at any given point in time. Looking … Continue reading Innovative Horror Marketing

Here’s Where It Gets Fun…

My latest for Adweek covers some of the aspects of Disney's marketing of SOLO to date and speculates on some of the choices the studio has made with how it's being sold. Now, as we wait for the still-untitled Episode IX in late 2019, we get a standalone story focusing on the early years and exploits of everyone’s favorite Corellian … Continue reading Here’s Where It Gets Fun…