I ooVood for a good cause

I only ever got around to doing one of the ooVoo sessions I had set up and always felt kind of bad about that. That's mainly because I knew the company was donating money to the Frozen Pea Fund, a breast-cancer support charity, for every person who participated in their My ooVoo Day With... promotion … Continue reading I ooVood for a good cause

Giving RSS numbers their due

I'm sure everyone who has devised and executed a social media campaign, particularly one involving outreach to writers of blogs and other sites, has been asked to provide some sort of metric to justify such efforts. Often what's asked for are pageviews or visitors or (gulp) impressions. But here's the story I tell all the … Continue reading Giving RSS numbers their due

Book Review: Groundswell

Accompanied by the level of detail you’d expect from two Forrester analysts, Groundswell lays out case after case of strategies, rationales and insight that show either the groundswell in action or how a yet to be tapped community can be moved to create that groundswell. The authors begin by laying out why it’s important to … Continue reading Book Review: Groundswell

LOTD: 4/7/08

Forrester's Shar VanBoskirk helpfully reminds us that digital and interactive are not necessarily the same thing, with the latter promising some point of actual engagement and interactivity. Also from Forrester comes Josh Bernoff reminding corporate bloggers that it's actually more disingenuous to refuse to even acknowledge you have competitors than it is dangerous to ignore … Continue reading LOTD: 4/7/08

Define your own filters

There's not much that hasn't already been said about the findings from Pew on how young people are getting their news not so much directly from the source but from friends - through the filters of email, social networks and other tools. But with a few days perspective and the appearance of other stories that … Continue reading Define your own filters

LOTD 3/25/08

We've been a little silent here for a while and for that I apologize. As we ramp back up the OTD engine grab a cup liquid caffeine and enjoy the LOTD while pondering just how hard the new Indiana Jones movie is going to rock. (CT) No, social networking and online applications aren't going to … Continue reading LOTD 3/25/08

LOTD: 3/5/08

BusinessWeek has an interesting to read point/counterpoint on why widgets may or may not be good things for your marketing efforts. I tend to come down on the "may" side of things, but with the realization that like all tools they're not going to be the best for everyone and even those that can make … Continue reading LOTD: 3/5/08

LOTD: 3/2/08

Via the fine folks at Ranchero, there's an AppleScript you can download from Stefan Seiz that allows you to play enclosures within NetNewsWire, rather than needing to copy files out into QuickTime. (TB) While we're on the tip parade, Nick Bradbury has published 10 more "tiny" tips for using FeedDemon. (TB) As far as positive … Continue reading LOTD: 3/2/08

The core of the conversation

The whole discussion of whether or not social media outlets can effectively be monetized isn't at all surprising to me. For as long as there has been advertising on blogs and other platforms there's been a conversation about what it's value is to the audience, to the advertiser and to the publisher. What does seem … Continue reading The core of the conversation

Form follows function

What Mike Manuel has written here echoes the thinking of myself and others here that a true social media press release focuses on content and not on design. We all have different ideas of how things should be arranged and such, but those are design issues, relegating the discussion to one similar to what you’d … Continue reading Form follows function