Super Bowl-Induced Productivity Loss Is Nothing

Last week Captivate released a study similar to the kind that come out in advance of every Super Bowl as well as during March Madness, around the time of events like a solar eclipse and so on. The company predicted the number of people who would be calling in sick or who would be dragging … Continue reading Super Bowl-Induced Productivity Loss Is Nothing

The Beatings Will Continue…

With resolution season upon us there are lots of opportunities for fresh starts. Some of those involve personal matters while others involve changes to be made in someone’s professional life. That’s only natural. Still, it’s not hard to be taken aback at the way the business press is playing into the notion that individuals must … Continue reading The Beatings Will Continue…

Experience Informs Management

In a recent interview, actor Ethan Hawke encouraged aspiring directors and filmmakers to go beyond the details of cinematography and other aspects of the job and learn acting as well. It’s a good point that deserves a bit of extrapolation. There are all kinds of tips for how to be an effective manager and get … Continue reading Experience Informs Management

Work Dictates Usage

When you think about it, the advice shared here to limit social media usage to a half-hour each day in order to try and avoid depression and loneliness makes sense. My own experience has shown that the more I obsess about Twitter the worse I feel. That advice is similar to to what’s offered for … Continue reading Work Dictates Usage

This is How you Inspire Team Loyalty

Here’s a simple tip for managers who are looking to inspire their teams to perform their best, to bring their most creative ideas and offer the best solutions: Don’t take credit when presenting those ideas or solutions to clients or others. It’s that simple. Early on in my time as a manager the realization struck … Continue reading This is How you Inspire Team Loyalty