It’s been Champ-tastic

Last week marked my two-year anniversary as Director, Content Programming at GoNoodle.

For those unfamiliar with GoNoodle, we offer hundreds of videos designed for kids – especially younger kids – to help them get active, learn to manage their emotions, explore creativity and more.

In those two years there have been a lot of ups and downs and, most notably, a distinct lack of what might be called a “normal” period.

That’s in part because, if you do the calendar math, my first month or so at the company coincided with the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, which had a massive impact on the schools where GoNoodle is widely popular, teachers being a core audience of the videos we produce.

So almost immediately many of the standard operating procedures that had been in place and assumptions everyone had been working under were thrown out the proverbial window.

Which worked out nicely since, if you’re familiar with my work style, I thoroughly enjoy throwing assumptions out the window, or at least questioning them and making sure they are still applicable.

As with just about every job I’ve held over the years, there has been a lot I’ve learned from my time here, sometimes because I find myself in a “well…this needs to happen, so let’s dig in and figure it out” situation, which has been a common theme over the course of my career.

Most of all, the job has been incredibly rewarding. I truly believe that GoNoodle’s mission of helping teachers and engaging kids is a worthwhile one. Every week as I consider what videos and activities will be programmed to the front page of the sites and apps under my management I consider whether that’s what those audiences will be looking for at that moment.

That’s a tough hill to climb sometimes, but when I see or hear that it’s worked out there’s nothing better.

Here’s to even more good times ahead.

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