People Want to Stay in Their Jobs, Companies Should Encourage That

A new study shared here reveals 86% those aged 25-35 – roughly “Millennials” – would prefer to remain in their current job if given the chance. They’d like to move up in the organization but also value the development of skills and abilities that, unfortunately, their employers just aren’t providing them. Many companies frequently encourage… Read More


It’s great that the Democratic party has a new slogan heading into the 2018 midterm elections. I even like it, as it conveys the party’s message that the Trump administration has *not* been working for the people in general but instead on behalf of corporate powers and other libertarian and conservative special interests. I wish,… Read More

Demonstrating Responsibility to Users is Apparently Bad for Business

If you still require proof that the financial community is completely uninterested in the long-term health of businesses – much less the customers and users of those businesses – you need look no further than last week’s headlines regarding Twitter’s latest earnings report. Some examples: Reuters: Twitter beats estimates on revenue but monthly usage falls… Read More

The Great Burden of Business Owners

A lot has been written in recent months about the tight labor market in the U.S. Businesses are having trouble finding and retaining workers for a variety of reasons and it’s causing problems in production and other aspects of operations. One recent example is this MarketWatch story, from which these two paragraphs jumped out at… Read More

What’s Stock Photo Guy Been Up to Recently? – July 2018

Help! I Don’t Have An Audience! Here I think he’s wondering why his mom unfollowed him on Medium. Was it because she always liked his brother better? Did she just hit the wrong button and doesn’t know she did it? Is it an early warning sign of a problem he’s having with reaching those outside… Read More

This Week Elsewhere – Week of 8/27/18

The Hollywood Reporter ‘Mission: Impossible — Fallout’ Marketing Banks on Daredevil Action Scenes: For Mission: Impossible — Fallout, the sixth movie in a series that began 22 years ago, Paramount launched a marketing campaign that emphasizes the scale and scope of the stuntwork involved. (more here) Cinematic Slant Blindspotting – Marketing Recap: Strong festival word… Read More