Selling The Lion King

My latest post for The Hollywood Reporter is a recap of the marketing campaign for The Lion King, one that was aided by the fact I was able to interview Disney’s President of Marketing to get background information on the effort. A strategically timed "pulsed" campaign by the studio aligned its promotional beats with big … Continue reading Selling The Lion King


Selling Stuber

My latest column at The Hollywood Reporter recaps the marketing campaign for the buddy comedy Stuber. The studio has run a campaign that counts on both Bautista and Nanjiani being popular, attention-grabbing stars and that audiences are ready for a return of the buddy comedy genre that was so popular in the 80s. Tracking estimates … Continue reading Selling Stuber

Selling Spider-Man: Far From Home

My latest marketing recap column at The Hollywood Reporter covers the campaign for Spider-Man: Far From Home. Sony and Marvel Studios are pushing Spider-Man: Far From Home as essential viewing for the post-Avengers: Endgame storyline. The movie arrives with tracking estimates predicting a $150 million opening weekend and a 90 percent "Fresh" rating on Rotten … Continue reading Selling Spider-Man: Far From Home

2019’s Most Interesting Movie Campaigns

My latest post for Adweek is a recap of the movie campaigns from the first half of 2019 I felt were most interesting or compelling, not necessarily the ones that supported the year’s most successful movies. The following list is presented in no particular order other than that in which they caught my eye while … Continue reading 2019’s Most Interesting Movie Campaigns

Selling Yesterday

My latest post for The Hollywood Reporter is a recap of the marketing campaign for Yesterday, the Beatles tribute movie from director Danny Boyle. Working Title/Universal have run a campaign that’s heavy on the songs moviegoers have heard all their lives while also focusing on the drama caused by incredible success. And the studio decided … Continue reading Selling Yesterday

Selling Toy Story 4

My latest marketing recap for The Hollywood Reporter covers DisneyPixar’s campaign for Toy Story 4. Disney’s marketing campaign has hit all the beats that viewers expect, but has gone light on story details as it seeks to sell audiences on the return of characters they’ve loved for over two decades. You can read the whole … Continue reading Selling Toy Story 4

Selling Men In Black – International

My latest post for The Hollywood Reporter is a recap of the marketing campaign mounted by Sony Pictures for Men In Black: International. Sony’s campaign for Men In Black: International features the same slick technology and humor the franchise is known for. A $30 million stateside opening weekend tracking estimate (which would mark a franchise … Continue reading Selling Men In Black – International


My latest marketing recap at The Hollywood Reporter is for Dark Phoenix, the latest - and last - entry in Fox’s X-Men franchise. Thus the stage is set for what’s hoped is a more faithful adaptation. Or it would have been, but right now Dark Phoenix sits at just 23 percent on review aggregator Rotten … Continue reading Selling DARK PHOENIX

The Egg on North Face

North Face is not, by any means, the first company to try and alter their own Wikipedia entry for marketing-related purposes. They might, though, be the first to so publicly tout doing so and have their success presented as a successful effort to overcome the “obstacle” presented by the site’s own dictum that such efforts … Continue reading The Egg on North Face


My latest marketing recap for The Hollywood Reporter covers the campaign for Warner Bros.’ Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Audiences could be forgiven for not immediately realizing that this week’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters is the third film in what’s been dubbed the “MonsterVerse” from Legendary and Warner Bros.   While it’s a direct … Continue reading Selling GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS