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Twitter Moments Launches, With An Eye Toward Hollywood Ad Dollars

  New from me on Voce Nation: Essentially, Moments is a simple way to organize the chaos that is Twitter around a specific event or story (for example, the #superbloodmoon last month, or the Umpqua shootings, or the MLB playoffs). Moments are curated collections of tweets, images, videos, or anything else you can find on … Continue reading

Twitter May Get Bonus-Sized

My latest on Voce Nation: The entire Twitter ecosystem is built for short updates. Longer posts would break how Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and other apps look. The workaround here would be a “Read more” link to expand a longer post but Twitter is mostly about scrolling through and seeing quick updates. And everything Twitter has done … Continue reading

The Social Media Conversion Funnel is Shortening

Twitter and Square are working together to let people make political donations directly from the Twitter app. Facebook is letting Shopify users create enhanced sales offerings on brand pages. Twitter and Stripe are partnering to better enable retail sales right from people’s timelines. What’s the common thread? Numerous studies over the last several years have … Continue reading

Google, Twitter and Faster Mobile News

New from me on Voce Nation… The program, which reportedly involves a handful of publishers at first, will create articles that immediate pop up on mobile screens when they click on a link. Unlike Facebook’s very similar “Instant Article” program (which seems to come and go in fits and starts) neither Google or Twitter will … Continue reading

The Weird Things That Come Up with Twitter Earnings

(This post was originally on the Voce blog)  Twitter announced its quarterly earnings and other updates yesterday. In short, monthly active users are up (though they seem to be using some creative math to make that case, which led to the inevitable investor discomfort) and revenue grew while losses shrunk. Sounds like good news, no? … Continue reading

Pew’s Study on Teens, Tech and Social Media: Five Things To Know

(Post originally published on the PNConnect Blog) Pew has released a massive new study examining the technology and social media habits of teens in the United States. As usual there’s a plethora of interesting data in the study but for companies looking to incorporate this information into their social media marketing plans here are the … Continue reading

It’s not Tweets that impact box-office, it’s word-of-mouth

A new study has been released that shows just how much a tweet about a movie impacts the box-office results for that movie, according to Variety. According to the study, the value of a Tweet on box-office is highest about a month out from release, around the same time serious advertising kicks in though obviously … Continue reading

Twitter isn’t a traffic generator so stop thinking it is

A lot of people today are discussing this piece by Derek Thompson in The Atlantic. Thompson takes issue with Twitter effectiveness as a traffic-driving platform, citing that it sends a minuscule number of click-throughs and that many of his tweets saw very low engagement numbers. His take-down piece ends with this: It’s fair to come … Continue reading

Twitter makes its play for the casual user

Twitter has laid out what seem to be their plans for the first half of 2015. We can look forward to: The ability to record, edit and share videos natively within the Twitter app. While they seem to say this will coexist alongside Vine it’s easy to take the next step and guess that Vine … Continue reading

Twitter takes next step toward curated, algorithmic Timelines

Twitter yesterday published this post about their continued “experimentation” with people’s Timelines. Specifically they are looking to keep finding ways to bring in tweets that you “might miss out on” but which may be interesting to you. And here’s how, according to the post, they’re going to make that determination: Activity on accounts you already … Continue reading

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