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At This Point Twitter’s Just Messing With Us

My latest on Voce Nation tackles the news that had media and PR types engaging in lots of speculation and hand-wringing: One of the most persistent rumors in tech is back: Reports are circulating that Twitter may build a product allowing posts of up to 10,000 characters, quite an increase from the current 140. According … Continue reading

Twitter Keeps Moving Toward a Filtered Timeline

There are more reports coming in that Twitter is testing non-reverse-chronological Timelines, with people seeing updates that are out of order from what they usually see. This appears to be an experiment Twitter is running to see if something that presumably is more akin to Facebook’s engagement-based feed is more engaging. This comes a little … Continue reading

Twitter Removing Share Counts Leads to Less Sharing

New from me on VoceNation: A tempest broke out a week or so ago when it was discovered that Twitter “Share” buttons – those little things that appear below a headline or elsewhere on a blog post or article – were no longer displaying the number of people who had actually shared this. That was … Continue reading

Nuzzle is the Experience Twitter Should Have Created

I’ll admit I’m late to the Nuzzle bandwagon but it has quickly become one of my go-to news reading apps. If you’re not familiar with it, you connect the app to your Twitter or Facebook accounts – it just rolled out an update that removes that requirement – and you can see what your friends … Continue reading

Twitter’s New Brand Hub

New from me on VoceNation: But it seems to me that content marketers – even if there is no paid component – have even more to gain from these numbers. Share of voice and such are going to be of interest to advertisers, sure, but for those engaging in the daily content grind that’s going … Continue reading

Creed Comes Out Swinging as First Promoted Moment

When Twitter launched Moments a couple weeks ago they announced that while advertising wasn’t a part of the news curation product it would be coming soon. And everyone speculated – myself included – that movie studios would be among the first adopters of the new ad unit. Well…we were right. Promoted Moments has been introduced … Continue reading

Twitter Polls and More From Flight

New from me at Voce Nation: At yesterday’s Twitter Flight Conference the micro-blogging network more or less officially launched the new Jack Dorsey era of the company and did so with some big announcements and statements. Getting much press was Dorsey’s comments about wanting to “reset” the relationships between the company and the developer community, … Continue reading

High Culture Meets Internet Culture

Do you read Arrested Downton? It’s a Tumblr blog that takes scenes from Downton Abby and overlays quotes from Arrested Development. Yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds, particularly if you’re a fan of both shows. Or did you read the news the other day about a Tumblr user who combined headlines from The Onion … Continue reading

Twitter Moments Launches, With An Eye Toward Hollywood Ad Dollars

  New from me on Voce Nation: Essentially, Moments is a simple way to organize the chaos that is Twitter around a specific event or story (for example, the #superbloodmoon last month, or the Umpqua shootings, or the MLB playoffs). Moments are curated collections of tweets, images, videos, or anything else you can find on … Continue reading

Twitter May Get Bonus-Sized

My latest on Voce Nation: The entire Twitter ecosystem is built for short updates. Longer posts would break how Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and other apps look. The workaround here would be a “Read more” link to expand a longer post but Twitter is mostly about scrolling through and seeing quick updates. And everything Twitter has done … Continue reading

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