Selling Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

You can read my full recap of Sony's marketing campaign for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse at The Hollywood Reporter. To launch the animated feature Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Sony has built a campaign around getting fans talking about its most unusual and unexpected Spider-Man project to date. Screenings, fan Q&A sessions and convention appearances have … Continue reading Selling Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Innovative Horror Marketing

My latest Adweek contribution hits some ways that horror movies have helped pushed marketing in interesting new directions and taken advantage of new, at the time, technology. While horror isn’t a genre that everyone enjoys, it is one that is a relatively accurate barometer of what frightens society at any given point in time. Looking … Continue reading Innovative Horror Marketing

Selling Halloween

My latest movie marketing recap, this one for Halloween, is up at The Hollywood Reporter. As with a number of horror franchises, the Halloween series has taken various twists and turns since John Carpenter’s 1978 original introduced audiences to Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. Now, after seven sequels to that first film and a 2007 … Continue reading Selling Halloween

Quick Takes: 11/24/04

Bewitched Two teaser materials have popped up from Sony for this Nicole Kidman/Will Ferrell remake: A website and poster, both utilizing the same image. Fantastic Four SuperHeroHype has gotten a copy of the first picture of Dr. Doom in armor. This looks every bit as corny as I expect superhero movies to be and, so, … Continue reading Quick Takes: 11/24/04

MMM – Alexander

You can read my full recap of the marketing for Alexander at Film Threat. The fictional biography (?) of Alexander the Great, this Oliver Stone owes its existence to “Gladiator” and owes a debt of gratitude to whoever pulled the plug on Baz Luhrmann’s planned biopic covering the same subject. This one though presents some … Continue reading MMM – Alexander

Movie Marketing Madness: Christmas with the Kranks

In 2001 John Grisham took a break from the legal potboilers he had become famous for - first with the novel “A Painted House” and then with what could probably be called a novella in “Skipping Christmas”. “Skipping” was the story of a man who decides to opt out of the shiny and glossy trappings … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Christmas with the Kranks

Weekly Wrap-up 11/19/04

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Yahoo! Movies has posted the teaser trailer. Am I the only one worried by the distinct lack of tongue-in-cheekness to this? Batman Begins EA Games has announced they will be producing a tie-in video game for the upcoming movie. There will reportedly be a new trailer attached to Ocean's Twelve. … Continue reading Weekly Wrap-up 11/19/04

Revenge of the Sith teaser poster

I'll kick this off with the latest (and reportedly last) entry into my favorite film cycle of all time, Star Wars. To date two materials have been released to the general public for Episode III - Revenge of the Sith: the teaser poster and a trailer. The poster works for me, but not as a … Continue reading Revenge of the Sith teaser poster

MMM – Bridget Jones – The Edge of Reason

You can read my full recap of the marketing for Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reason at Film Threat. Barring Cameron Crowe writing “Maguire 2: Electric Boogaloo”, the role of Bridget Jones presented her with her one chance at a “signature” character. I personally didn’t see it as I had to help negotiate an … Continue reading MMM – Bridget Jones – The Edge of Reason

MMM – The Incredibles

You can read my full recap of the marketing for The Incredibles at Film Threat. Pixar, however, has stepped in to offer the proverbial cold (but not too cold) rich full lager to an audience that has had nothing but Meister Brau thrown at them since its last offering arrived in Finding Nemo. Having built a … Continue reading MMM – The Incredibles