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Wonder Woman’s Marketing Conundrum

My latest post at Adfreak uses the recent controversy about how much Warner Bros. is - or isn't - putting forth a full effort for the upcoming Wonder Woman feature or if it was hedging bets and holding back because it might not appeal that strongly to the male audience. Intrigued by how the Wonder… Continue reading Wonder Woman’s Marketing Conundrum

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Stingers and Movie Marketing

My latest at Adfreak examines the ways in which those post-credits stingers have become an integral part of the movie marketing cycle, especially for franchise films: In the last week, a rumor that had been bouncing around the internet was confirmed when director James Gunn revealed that, yes, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 would… Continue reading Stingers and Movie Marketing

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Imagining the Marketing for NBC’s Saturday Morning Cartoons

I really abused by access to Adfreak this past week, with a post that does some thinking about how movie studios would sell film adaptations of the rest of NBC's 1985-86 lineup of Saturday morning cartoons. For you millennials in the audience, “Saturday morning cartoons” were, in the days before Disney Channel and Netflix brought… Continue reading Imagining the Marketing for NBC’s Saturday Morning Cartoons

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Selling Your Movie By Referencing Others

My latest Adfreak post looks at how The Boss Baby is just the latest movie to work in a nod to the box-office competition to its own marketing campaign. Oh, and I make a That Thing You Do! joke. Next week, The Boss Baby hits theaters. The latest Dreamworks Animation release features Alec Baldwin voicing… Continue reading Selling Your Movie By Referencing Others

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Don’t Hold Your Breath for More R-Rated Super Hero Movies

My latest Adfreak post is live, outlining the reasons I'm skeptical as to the results of a recent Fandango survey claiming many people want more R-rated super hero movies. Most all of the previous X-Men movies have been rated PG-13. But Logan, like last year’s Deadpool, is violent enough to earn itself an R rating.… Continue reading Don’t Hold Your Breath for More R-Rated Super Hero Movies

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The Cure Involves Fake News

I went a bit more in-depth on Fox's "fake news" viral efforts for A Cure For Wellness in my latest Adweek post: Discussion of “fake news” is a huge deal these days. After being a pervasive media narrative during the election cycle, Facebook and other platforms are making efforts to stop the spread of inaccurate… Continue reading The Cure Involves Fake News

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Chevy Helps Build LEGO Batman Movie Buzz

New from me at Adweek: Chevrolet has long been running a campaign that shows a group of "ordinary" people, a Chevy car and has them react in disbelief to how safe it is, how many awards it's won and generally how awesome it is. Now, Chevy is launching a campaign in conjunction with Warner Bros.… Continue reading Chevy Helps Build LEGO Batman Movie Buzz

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Fandango vs. Amobee

This was posted last week and I'm just getting to it, but my latest Adweek post compares the Amobee data I shared a few weeks ago to Fandango's recently-released list of most-anticipated movies of 2017: A few weeks back, marketing tech firm Amobee helped me put together a list of the most anticipated movies of… Continue reading Fandango vs. Amobee

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A24 Teases Untitled Project

Wrote a post for Adfreak about the mysterious "untitled" trailer that came out yesterday and which has everyone talking. Yesterday, A24—the studio behind recent eccentric word-of-mouth-driven movies like The Lobster, Moonlight and Swiss Army Man—released a mysterious trailer. Listed simply as "Untitled," there's little else that's known about the movie, or whatever this is, other… Continue reading A24 Teases Untitled Project

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2017 Movies With Social Buzz

My latest Adweek column uses data from marketing tech firm Amobee on social media chatter to predict 2017's most-anticipated movies: The general audience has also begun looking forward to 2017, but the focus is less on the prestige releases and more on the big-budget franchise movies that sell a lot of popcorn and action figures—the… Continue reading 2017 Movies With Social Buzz