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2016 Holiday Movie Preview

My latest Adweek column takes a broad look at the metric ton of movies coming out in the last month of 2016, from small indie dramas to...well...Star Wars. Yeah, it's a stressful time of year. Many of us are dealing with extended family more than we do any other time of year, and so are… Continue reading 2016 Holiday Movie Preview

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Bad Santa 2’s Raunchy Photo Campaign

My second post this week on Adweek covers a specific component of the Bad Santa 2 campaign: Now, 13 years later, Willie and his compatriot Marcus (Tony Cox) are back for more Christmas thievery, this time including Willie's mother, played by Kathy Bates. Instead of a department store (possibly a reflection of how the retail… Continue reading Bad Santa 2’s Raunchy Photo Campaign

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Fantastic Franchise Marketing Tactics

My latest at Adweek is tied to last week's Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is an expansion of the Harry Potter world, one that acts as a prequel to the book and film franchise we already know and mostly love, though we should talk about Chamber… Continue reading Fantastic Franchise Marketing Tactics

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For Election Day, Some Political Movie Trailers

My latest, election-themed post on Adweek is now live. Today, the American people go to the polls—at least, those who haven't already taken advantage of early voting—to vote for president and a host of other national, state and local leaders. This year's election cycle, which has been going on approximately forever, has been particularly contentious,… Continue reading For Election Day, Some Political Movie Trailers

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Hollywood Never Grasped Vine

My latest Adfreak post is up, looking back at how Hollywood's marketing machine never fully embraced Vine despite it seeming like a natural fit for most campaigns. Pour out a 40 and loop the video repeatedly until you scroll away for Vine. Twitter announced last week that it's discontinuing the mobile app, which allowed people… Continue reading Hollywood Never Grasped Vine

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Wolverine is a Wonky Franchise

My latest on Adweek: When Fox was marketing X-Men Origins: Wolverine in the lead-up to its 2009 release (which went super well, as you'll remember), we were just a few years removed from the last X-Men team movie. Wolverine, as played by Hugh Jackman, was the breakout star of that series, in keeping with the… Continue reading Wolverine is a Wonky Franchise

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The Rogue One Campaign To Date

My latest checks in on the Rogue One campaign and covers some of the unique challenges Disney/Lucasfilm are facing as it ramps up its first non-Saga theatrical outing: Here we are, about two months out from the release of a new Star Wars movie, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It's safe to assume at… Continue reading The Rogue One Campaign To Date

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Adweek – Movie Trailer Hooks

New from me at Adweek: There's been a movement in two directions over the past few years in how movie trailers are edited and assembled. They've adapted to new media platforms and audience tastes to more effectively and efficiently sell movies to audiences, making sure to present a product that has maximum appeal, showing a… Continue reading Adweek – Movie Trailer Hooks

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Movie Marketing and iMessage Stickers

New from me at Adweek: Earlier this week, Apple finally made iOS 10 available for everyone to download. A big part of the launch was a lot of new features for the iMessage app. But what really got people's attention (because the internet is less about functionality than about kitschy features) was that you can… Continue reading Movie Marketing and iMessage Stickers

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Summer’s Movie Marketing Report Card

New from me at Adweek is a summer marketing recap: It's September, which means a few things: School is back in session. Squirrels are starting to hunt for and bury their winter food. We're all pulling hoodies out from the back of our closet. Pumpkin-spice has reemerged from its summer hibernation. And the summer movie… Continue reading Summer’s Movie Marketing Report Card