Writing and Editing

With over a decade of online writing experience, I can help with whatever needs you might have. Whether you need a ghostwritten blog post, a white paper for lead generation or a research paper, I provide a one-stop solution and deliver quality material written to match your style guide, voice, and tone. I also can handle editing assignments to review other people’s writing and bring it into line with an existing style guide or just to address length or other concerns.


Content Strategy Consulting

It’s not just about *that* blog post or Tweet, it’s about where it fits into the bigger program and the goals it’s meant to support and achieve. I can help set you in the right direction and provide guidance on creating and executing a sustainable, engaging program. I also will help you create program frameworks and style guides to make sure your content program has the buy-in and understanding of stakeholders and executives.


Social Management and Reporting

Just need help with social media profile management? While I do provide strategy I’m also not afraid to get my hands dirty and hit “Publish” myself. I have experience not only with direct publishing to and engagement on platforms including WordPress, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, YouTube but also with SproutSocial, Hootsuite, and many other leading CMS tools. It’s not just daily management, of course, I have a history with program reporting on those and other platforms such as SimplyMeasured, Google Analytics and more. I’m also HubSpot email certified.


Want to learn more? Fill out the contact form below to get my rate card, see further examples of my work or ask when we can start working together. You can also find me on Fiverr, Upwork and LinkedIn Profinder.