I really abused by access to Adfreak this past week, with a post that does some thinking about how movie studios would sell film adaptations of the rest of NBC’s 1985-86 lineup of Saturday morning cartoons.

For you millennials in the audience, “Saturday morning cartoons” were, in the days before Disney Channel and Netflix brought them to us 24/7, really the only place and time to watch cartoons. You’d head down to the living room in your pajamas and have total control of the TV for a few hours, a real treat in those days. Let’s move on. Other networks did so as well, but NBC would regularly advertise their Saturday morning lineup in comic books of the time, again an indicator of an era when comics were actually meant for kids and not 40-year-old white guys. So, using this scan of just such an ad as a jumping-off point, let’s see what kind of marketing potential there might be for the rest of NBC’s 1985 Saturday morning lineup.

Source: Let’s Adapt the Rest of NBC’s 1985 Saturday Morning Cartoon Lineup for the Big Screen – Adweek