The Birth of the Nation

  • My friend Scott Smith sent me the picture above of the “Nat Turner Lives” outdoor billboard on the south side of Chicago.
  • The movie didn’t fare well at the box-office, and “Why?” has spurred a thousand hot takes about it movie from the standing ovation it received at Sundance earlier this year to a less-than stellar reception and the causes behind it, including the rape allegations against Nate Parker that dominated the news cycles in the months leading up to release.

Suicide Squad

  • Warner Bros. has launched a new site meant to look like an ARGUS database that promises more information about the characters from the movie as we get closer to its home video release.


  • Sony is launching a VR mobile game as part of the promotions for the movie’s home video release.
  • Director Paul Feig talked recently about the environment, both social and political, the movie was released in, the reaction to the film and more.


  • I was wrong, Netflix did create at least a twitter account for the movie. 

Blue Jay

  • Mark Duplass talked about his career as a whole and the role Blue Jay plays in it here, hitting topics like his love of making small movies with untested directors, working outside the studio system and more. Both he and Paulson were interviewed here about the genesis of the movie, the way they collaborated on the story and more.

Certain Women

The Accountant

  • DC Comics created a motion comic that tells some of the backstory of Ben Affleck’s character Christian Wolff.
  • How Kendrick got involved in the movie and how she worked with Afflect was part of an interview with her touching on all the projects she has coming out.