In its continued quest to be a full-fledged publishing platform and not just a social network, LinkedIn has introduced a set of new features and functionality for those who want to write longer posts. It’s updated the interface to be a little less clunky, made it easier to add and edit in-post media like photos and videos and added the ability to include hashtags, which are now searchable.


It’s the latest shot in the war of features being waged between LinkedIn and Medium, both of whom are competing to be the best platform for reaching an influential audience. LinkedIn touts the reach to all the professional contacts you’ve spent the last several years building up while Medium promises to…I’m not sure, it just keeps saying it makes publishing easier. These in-network publishing platforms are also all going up against more traditional blog platforms, making the case that it’s better to publish directly to people than it is just to release that content out into the wild web.