Quick Takes – Marketing and Media News for 3/22/18

More on the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal: At a time when the EPA and other governmental agencies are following conservative directions to strip power from regulatory agencies (if not dismantle them outright) it seems unlikely calls for a digital protection agency or updates to copyright law will be heeded. If politicians don’t believe their needed for… Read More

Quick Takes – Marketing and Media News for 3/20/18

It’s hard to top a story like that involving Cambridge Analytics and Facebook. There are all sorts of things going on here, but these seem to be the key points: Cambridge had a contract with a Russian oil company (many of which are controlled to some extent by government officials) that seemed oddly interested in… Read More

Quick Takes – Marketing and Media News for 3/15/18

Media Two things: 1) It’s interesting that FaceWE’RENOTAMEDIACOMPANYbook now wants to create a single destination for video news that can be used to get people’s attention, and 2) It’s unbelievable that any publisher would sign up for this given the 78 other times Facebook has clearly shown it’s only interested in using partnerships as a… Read More

Quick Takes – Marketing and Media News for 3/13/18

Media That the sizzle reel of violent video game sequences put together by the White House has become such a big hit on YouTube isn’t at all surprising given that violent sequences are a big reason vast swaths of people play the games. I’m not sure anyone understands either the First Amendment issues in play… Read More

Remember To Focus on Function, Not Form With Branded Content

As has often been the case on a number of different topics, I can’t help but read this story about how branded podcasts have taken off and really resonated with listeners and not think that the content industry continues to suffer from a terminal case of platform myopia. Branded podcasts, it seems, are the new… Read More

Quick Takes – Marketing and Media News for 3/8/18

Media Publishers continue to grapple with the various scenarios that would allow for news to continue to be reported and distributed that serves the public good in a financial environment that’s been almost completely abdicated by advertisers. Turns out slow news – relying on print, in this case, as opposed to staying glued to digital… Read More

Quick Takes: Marketing and Media News for 3/6/18

Media Thank God for The Onion, which writes the “state of the media industry” piece the rest of the industry is afraid to. Publishers are having a hell of a time trying to figure out why their Snapchat traffic, engagement and other metrics are all over the place as a result of the app’s redesign… Read More

Quick Takes – Marketing and Media News for 2/27/18

Media This is a great read on the problem we keep running into with tech companies completely dropping the ball when tragedy strikes, consistently caught with their algorithms pushing conspiracy theories, fake news and other hoaxes. In each case, the companies in question talk about how hard it is to police the trillions of data… Read More