I’ve collected some examples of my creative fiction writing here. If you like them and would like me to have more time to write these stories, PayPal me.

Collapse Into Me

The Wave has ravaged the population of the planet, leaving a culture of death and isolation behind it. It’s too much for most people, including Daniel, to process and so they just keep living their lives, waiting for their turn to come as they try to find meaning in each day or survive without it.

Status (Anthology)

The world of STATUS resulted from a writing challenge I participated in, creating a world where an individual’s social status was actual currency and social services, jobs and more were all determined by a level assigned to you at birth and locked in. The stories all happen in that world but aren’t necessarily connected in any other way.

The Dan Patterson Stories

This is a character I started using in a novella I wrote in college and subsequently used in the stories shared here, which were written for various creative assignments. There are a few more where these came from.

Other Short Stories

The stories shared here are kind of random and aren’t part of a series, usually the result of either a writing prompt of some sort or inspired by a turn of phrase I saw a friend use on social media in some way. Others are just ideas that came to me in the middle of the night and which I felt compelled to explore.