When Twitter launched Moments a couple weeks ago they announced that while advertising wasn’t a part of the news curation product it would be coming soon. And everyone speculated – myself included – that movie studios would be among the first adopters of the new ad unit.

Well…we were right.

Promoted Moments has been introduced today. These are ad units that will live in and look just like ordinary Moments that are curated by the Twitter editorial team and be live for 24 hours, making them particularly appealing to advertisers looking to act fast or pivot off a key moment, either cultural or within the life of the campaign. The first Promoted Moments will go live this Sunday with an ad buy from MGM/Warner Bros./New Line to promote Creed. Here’s an example from the blog post of how the Promoted Moment will look.

creed promoted moment

You can see based on that both how the Promoted Moment will fall within the list of other Moments – including what the “Promoted” disclosure will look like – as well as how it will appear when you expand it and dive into the story.

We’re about a month out from Creed’s release date, so this is just about the point where people are beginning to plan what movies they want to see and when, so it makes sense to run this ad now. I’m sure that the studios involved got some sort of “first mover” discount on the buy compared to what these will cost going forward. Plus, they’re getting all sorts of ancillary impressions from the press coverage in both the entertainment and advertising/marketing trades today.

I’d expect more studios will jump on this going forward. No word on how many Promoted Moments Twitter will offer each day, but if they keep supply tight – to one every 24 hours – they could likely get significant dollars out of Hollywood studios and others who are trying to reach people at just the right…well…moment.