I finally got around to expanding and formatting my notes from the sessions I attended at BlogOrlando and they’re now up over at OpentheDialogue (my work blog, for those who don’t know). I think it was an absolutely great event that cemented my belief that for as valuable as social network connections, emails, links, comments and everything else in the social media space is, there’s really no substitute for meeting people face-to-face.

The people both leading the sessions and in attendance are the ones providing the thought leadership in the communications industry, and I mean that as widely as possible. These are the kinds of people who are going to shift the way we interact with and consume media and messaging of all sorts, whether it’s amateur video or traditional media or corporate communications. Seek out the people on the attendance and session leaders list on the BlogOrlando event site and contact one of them if you need to find someone to guide your organization into the social media world.

My hearty thanks to Josh Hallett, the organizer of the event and an all-around nice guy. All of this can’t have been easy and the guy was obviously pouring his heart and soul into it.