Project Overview

For seven years at Voce Communications, and then with Porter Novelli, I was responsible first for creating and then maintaining white paper-like documents designed to be easily-understandable overviews of social networks and apps including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other popular tools.

Before that I created two white papers for Bacon’s Information (now Cision), one on blogs and blogging, the other on RSS and podcasting.

Team Managed

Mostly myself, with technical support for formatting.


The Voce/Porter Novelli documents were internal-only, meant for knowledge sharing and educational resources.

The Bacon’s white papers were used for lead generation and were placed behind a registration gate.

Program Details

For each of the Voce/Porter Novelli I arranged the information to provide the following details:

  • What it is, who’s using it and what audience expectations might be
  • Details on the process of creating an account and building an audience
  • How to post on the network and what kinds of post formats were available
  • Paid promotion options available on that network
  • Best practices around audience engagement and amplification
  • What the best tools were not just for publishing and account management but also for reporting
  • You can also view the two whitepapers I created for Bacon’s Information (now Cision) in 2005.


I have been working on updating and maintaining the Voce/Porter Novelli documents here. They are accessible via the Essential Social Network Downloads category.

The two Bacon’s Information white papers can be viewed at the links below. These have not been updated but represent the industry at the time they were written, circa 2005.

  1. Introduction to Blogs: An introduction to understanding and maximizing communication efforts in the blogosphere
  2. Beyond Blogs: Learn how RSS and Podcasting can influence your communications efforts

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