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Movie Marketing Madness: 30 Minutes or Less

How we react and behave in high pressure situations defines us to a great extent. There are varying degrees of what can be considered “high pressure” that range from periods of great stress that last months or even years to just a few moments that carry high stakes for ourselves and those around us. It’s … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: The Smurfs

There’s a whole tradition of Saturday morning cartoons that kids today just aren’t familiar with. Back in the 80’s my younger brother and I would wake around 6AM (earlier than that and the news was still one) and bounce between CBS, NBC and ABC at various times to catch the best animated shows of the … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Cowboys and Aliens

Ever since 1991’s release of Unforgiven the Western movie genre has been forever altered. All of a sudden the stakes were higher, the emotions deeper and the overall gravitas just that much greater. Eastwood’s movie took a genre of film that had been a symbol for the American male ideal of stoicism and grit and … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Captain America

Very few comic book characters have reached “icon” status. Sure there are some that are well-known and the past few years have proven that even those who hover just below the A-List can become popular among audiences who aren’t constantly evaluating whether or not X title still belongs on their pull list or if a … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

What’s the opposite of clearing the bar? When something or someone attempts to follow-up a great success the usual commentary is that they set the bar high the first time and now will need to clear that in order for the second thing to be seen as being as successful or innovative as the first … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Green Lantern

(Disclosure: Voce has been doing some work with DC Comics of late, but much – around 90% – of this column was written before that project started. Just want to get that out there.) There are some superheroes who are meant to go into space and some who just aren’t. If you read any of … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: X-Men: First Class

Prequels are a tricky game. The idea, of course, is to tell a story with characters and settings that are somewhat familiar to the audience but in a new way, with some new characters and situations being added in to make it seem more wholly original. This can help provide some interesting backstory to the … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Source Code

If you watch enough police or other sorts of procedural shows you’ll inevitably see a couple of folks sitting down over a computer or TV to review footage pulled from a surveillance camera at the crime scene or other place of interest. They’re looking for clues to the crime, trying to reconstruct what happened, verify … Continue reading

Quick Takes: 2/22/11

The idea of selling a movie as a mobile app is intriguing and is exactly what Warner Home Video is doing, launching apps for The Dark Knight and Inception. The apps play the movie and allow for scene selection and other functionality and go for about the same price as downloading the movie from iTunes. … Continue reading

Angry Birds Rio gets Super Bowl time

I mentioned the other day that Roxio, the company behind the popular mobile game Angry Birds, was partnering with 20th Century Fox on special levels of the game to promote their upcoming animated feature Rio. The movie and its tie-in game are getting a TV commercial during this weekend’s Super Bowl XLV (Hollywood Reporter, 2/1/11). … Continue reading

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