Stop Trying to Fix My Writing, Technology

I am, stubbornly, a believer in my own writing. It’s full of violations of basic grammar and other rules, but it’s mine and I like it, so I’m going to keep doing it. That’s not to say I can’t write in other styles when the project requires it, just that when taken off someone else’s… Read More

An Audience of One

A while ago I wrote about how I never really struggle with “what should I write about” issues. Sometimes I’m hit with the feeling that I don’t know what I want to say about something or simply not wanting to write at the moment, but I don’t sit there and wring my hands because there’s… Read More

AdJab Made Me a Better Writer

There’s that old saying that art is what happens within constraints. Painters have to work within the confines of the canvas, sculptors within the size of the available display space and so on. If we’re given too much space, artists will meander and continue tweaking, adding and removing to the point where nothing is ever… Read More

Writing Lessons from Music Documentaries

In the last couple weeks I’ve watched two music-oriented films on Netflix. The first, Chicago: Now More Than Ever, is a decent overview of the four decades of the band’s history. It’s largely self-promotional piece, produced by the son of the band’s current keyboardist and singer Lou Pardini. As usual with histories of the pop/jazz/rock… Read More