Media Challenge: Abandon the David vs. Goliath Narrative

Something weird happens when a company attains a certain scale, and particularly when it moves into the position of largely dominating its market: The media begin to treat it as an assumptive leader, the yardstick by which all others in that market are measured. See if this headline framing seems familiar: “WeWork Competitor X Emerges… Read More

Media Challenge: Stop Saying “Tweet”

For years now, many of those in my generation of social media marketing professionals have been trying to get people to stop using outdated terminology. Sometime around 2007 it was no longer really accurate to say “new media” when referring to blogs and podcasts because those media had largely gone mainstream. Words, terms and phrases… Read More

Media Challenge: Only Use Demographic Labels When Pertinent

I don’t need to reiterate here how ridiculous the whole “Millennials Are Killing [industry/company/category]” press narrative is. The stories that have become a laughing stock seem to be predicated on two assumptions: That this is the first time in the history of civilization that one generation has dared to exhibit different consumer preferences or tastes… Read More

Direct to Consumer Entertainment: What’s Next?

[Note: This is the final part of a series on how the entertainment industry is adapting to the same changing preferences in the marketing and delivery of goods as other consumer categories. To read the rest of the series, click here.] It’s important to look at how the OTT and subscription service industry is reflecting… Read More